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Setting it all on fire
By Ishani Ranasinghe
The adult world and the so-called ‘teeny boppers’; two worlds separated by their different interests. It’s all different, from the way they dress to the places they go. Music is one language they both can understand.

Gold on Fire organised by Soul Skinner together with Insanity will be a night of music that will be on fire – merging the two worlds together. An interesting name and an interesting concept. What’s all this about?

Gold on Fire will not just be the theme… it will be a theme that will come to life at the event in everyway possible,” says Shamal Bandusena an organiser of the event. He went on to explain what they are planning to do. From the entrance to the stage décor, everyone will see, hear, feel and breathe… fire. “While most people have shows with concepts they don’t really go into it,” he says adding that in their case they are going to have the entire venue lit up.

The event targets an audience of 18 to 35 years who are party-goers and music gig-lovers. Their purpose is to let them know that they are not just about long hair (not that there won’t be any of it) – but that they have depth, mystery, charisma and also creativity to relate to many different segments. With quite a number of events taking place, what makes this one different to the rest?

“Unlike most of the other shows this one is not going to focus only on the bands,” says Shamal explaining that the music that will be played will mesh with the concept which they are integrating into the show. Some of the music set to be played by the band are ones that have been originally composed to fit the theme.

We gathered quite a lot about the bands that are tipped to perform and set Colombo on fire with music and entertainment.

Apparently often misunderstood Soul Skinner, the recent TNL Onstage 2004 winners are simply about getting to the depth of the human souls. Performing together for four years now, they have sent out a clear message across to the Sri Lankan audience. Once you ‘skin’ all that bars from the essence of yourself… then your soul is laid bare… open… ready… revealing its true gold. This is what Soul Skinner is about.

They plan to create a fusion of western and oriental sounds, thereby merging the different audience segments and create a whole new tribal-like sound for the Sri Lankan music lovers. Soul Skinner’s performance will feature a hewisi band creating a new genre live on stage for the audience. The two bands will come together with tribal drums, guitars and many more oriental instruments thrown in.

Another band that will be featured at the concert will be Insanity…one of the newest entrants into the Sri Lankan music scene adding a fresh outlook to the music in the country.

Then bringing in a bit of spirituality to the concert will be Tapas, a band which lives its name through in everything they do, The mysterious front man Raju and his band descend from the hills from Kandy. Their spiritually prayerful and trans-like music which has to be known as ‘Mantra Metal’ takes music in Sri Lanka to new heights. They are scheduled to open the show with a special fiery musical blessing of the venue, event and people.

Gold on Fire will take place on June 18 at the Women’s International Hall (Next to the Lionel Wendt). Tickets are priced at Rs. 300.


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