Gaveshaka continues the fascinating trip across waterfalls in association with Lanka Council of Waterfalls

Yet another Dunhinda Falls
Apart from the famous Dunhinda Falls, there is another fall, also in the Badulla District, with the same name. It is identified as Arawakumbura Dunhinda Falls. The 45m fall is full even during the dry season. The source of the fall is the Ibban Oya, a tributary of Gal Oya. A number of valuable trees are found in the area, locally known as suriya, mara, bulu and Nellie.

The fall is visible from the Lunugala - Bibile road. Situated in Lunugala town near the Alakola mountain, it is 6km from the Batticaloa road in Arawakumbura in the Passara Electorate.

Springing from the Ritigaha Oya reservoir, the Nalangana Falls comprises a number of chutes, each measuring about 40m in height. The fall is situated at Dedugala, 9km east of Bulathkohupitiya. The nearest town is Bulathkohupitiya, and the Kitulgala rest-house is 41km away.

Kalthota Duvili Falls is one of several with the same name situated in the Sabaragamuwa area, though it does not flow the year round. There are a couple of theories as to how the fall got its name. One is that the wind blowing across the parched, dry surface of the plain constantly throws up clouds of dust ('duvili'), obscuring the torrent of water. The other theory holds that the wind blows across the plain at such a speed that it causes a huge amount of spray from the water as it cascades downwards.

Duvili Falls is said to be receptive to Kataragama God's blessings. People believe that children after they have reached the age of two, who are washed for the first time in the fall's water on a Thursday, will be endowed with good health. They will avoid those infections commonly known as 'deiyange leda' (God's sicknesses), such as measles and chicken pox.

Take the Balangoda - Kalthota road to Kalthota. The fall is to the west of the Kalthota Tenna bridge, up the Walawe Ganga Andawela Falls flows from the Nayameruhinna mountain range and is 40m high. It is situated in the Andawela village in the Nuwara Eliya district between Walapane and Hanguranketha. It can be found at the 31st mile post on the Kandy-Ragala road. A convenient place to stay is the Hanguranketha rest-house, which is 50km from Kandy.

Kaluwala Falls has got its name from a pool filled with dark water (kalu wala) at the top of the 38m-high fall. According to folklore, King Mayadunne is said to have bathed here. The Ulugala village in the Imbulpe Divisional Secretariat area (Ratnapura District) is home to the fall. Take the road from Balangoda towards Pinnawala, past Pidaligannawala village via the suspension bridge over the Ranmudu River. Take the Kotiyakanda road at Ulugala.

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