All party pow-wow on crisis down under
In the land of Never Return, they had gathered to discuss the crisis that was brewing in Paradise…
"Whatever anybody says," Junius said, "we have to admire Satellite for standing by her decisions…"
"Ah," Solomon said, "she was always a stubborn child…"

"But I don't think she can afford to be stubborn now…" Sirima said.
"Why do you say that?" Dudley wanted to know.
"Why, the Reds are threatening to withdraw their support…" Sirima pointed out.

"Yes, even you couldn't carry on for long when we withdrew our support…" NM said.
"I'm sure she will carry on regardless even without the Reds", Junius said, "my Constitution allows her to do that…"

"The Reds leaving the government won't be the biggest problem on her hands…" DS observed.
"How can you say that?" Colvin asked, "without them, she won't have a majority in Parliament…"
"But don't forget that she is still the President…" RP said, "there are ways and means of scraping together a majority in Parliament…"

"Ah, yes," Daha joined in, "even I could do that with the help of seven parties…"
"And the Greens could always be bought with the promise of a cabinet portfolio…"NM suggested.
"I am not so sure about that…" Junius argued.

"Why not?" Colvin countered, "her Cabinet is full of people who have been with the Greens, including her Finance Minister…"
"Well, the Greens are also full of people who have been Blue, including her former Finance Minister…" RP retorted.
"When I crossed over from the Greens to form the Blues," Solomon recalled, "there was a big hue and cry but now crossing over is fashion…"

"I don't think Satellite needs crossovers to sustain her majority in Parliament…" DS said.
"How could she do that without the help of someone crossing over?" John wanted to know.
"Why, the Tamil parties will support her, won't they?" Dudley queried.

"But can she carry on for long with just their support?" Sirima asked, "they will oppose her on many other issues that will come up later…"
"I think," Dudley said, "the only solution now will be an election …"
"I don't think so," NM disagreed, "because whatever happens in an election Satellite will still be the President…"

"And the Greens are also not well prepared to face a sudden election with their key people thrown in jail…" RP said.
"And everybody will be back to square one because no one will get a clear majority even if an election is held…" Colvin said.
"I think," Solomon said, "we are all forgetting that the real threat to Satellite is not the Reds leaving her government…"
"What is it then?" Daha wanted to know.
"It is the fast of that Buddhist monk…" Solomon said.

"Now isn't that strange?" Junius asked.
"Why do you say that?" NM asked.
"The JVP stands accused of killing Satellite's husband and a Buddhist monk was accused of killing her father. Now, she will be accused of trying to politically kill the JVP and may also be held responsible for the life of a Buddhist monk…" Junius observed.
"History repeats itself in curious ways…" Solomon agreed.

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