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‘Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears’
“Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”, a Russian film will be screening on April 30 at the Russian Centre in Colombo at 5.00 p.m.

Still young and attractive Katerina Kikhomirovna, the director of a large chemical products plant, lived alone with her daughter Alexandra. Respected by her daughter, her business woman career quite successful, Katerina was unlucky in her private life. She fell in love with a man who seemed the Prince Charming but turned out to be an ordinary coward who let her on learning that a child was on the way. Katerina did not despair. Bringing up the daughter she attended classes, graduated from an institute and later became the director of a large enterprise.

Once by chance she met Gosha, a mature man strictly different from her male acquaintances. The desperate strongly moulded personalities of Katerina and Gosha clashed constantly and yet were permanently attracted to each other. That was how Katerina found true happiness after long and bitter years of loneliness.

The film will be subtitled in English. For further details and tickets contact Chandi on 2685429/2685440.


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