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Jagath and Ashani Warsha
Jagath Chamila’s latest appearance in the silver screen is Vasantha Obeyesekere’s ‘Asani Warsha’, which is now being screened at EAP circuit cinemas.

Playing a role of a fatherless son who grows up all alone he plays the lead here. This is what this actor has to say about his role and the director who got the best out of this young actor.

My role is an illegitimate son in search of his father. Pradeep works for a politician and he is another dissatisfied victim of this system. When he gets to know that his father is a rich an influential person in society he wants to leave the world which makes him discouraged and frustrated.

So he makes a journey with the hope of getting a permanent employment realizing a dream he had but he doesn’t receive the welcome he expects. Reflecting on this scene of the father-son meeting, Jagath Chamila says “This is the pivotal scene in ‘Asani Warsha’. The script was written to nourish this particular scene. And as such the day of the shoot was memorable and enlightening. I felt that the director was using his full creative personality to make it come alive. This experience was very uplifting for me. After filming for several hours he was really satisfied with the result and he went on replaying the scene repeatedly. I think that he must have felt that he was able to capture the scene exactly what he had in his mind.

Speaking about the director, Jagath Chamila said he is a strict disciplinarian on location. And his approach to the crew is both amicable and instructive. He came for his crew and always seeks to create empathy while filming. “When the actor is ready the director is ready. That is his policy,” says Jagath, the actor admiringly.


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