Aravinda - Gayan hot rods in hill country
By M. Shamil Amit reporting from Diyatalawa
Reigning champions of the motor car and motor cycle events Aravinda Premadasa and Gayan Sandaruwan blazed the track at the Foxhill Supercross held at the Military Academy motor racing track in Diyatalawa yesterday.

The duo kept the thousands of motor racing fans on their toes with their dare devil performance as both of them won two races each. Aravinda won both the Group SLA upto 3500cc events while Gayan though being pushed to third place in his first event made amends by taking the Group MX Motorcycles upto 125cc-250cc event and the Group MX Motorcycle upto 250cc-450cc event.

Gayan in his usual and favourite Honda CR125 used his experience to win the second race in style as he took the lead at the halfway stage of the five lap event and maintained it till the finish whilst competing with more powerful bikes.

On the hand Aravinda was on a class of his own, he too using his experience gave no chance to the other riders to win both the events with ease. In the other events of the motor car category Upulwan Serasinghe, Shantha Suraweera and Upul Perera too had a double.

Another highlight of the motor car events was the win recorded by S.N.J.N. Dias who pushed an experience Sajaad Zuhair to second spot. The other successful drivers of the day was experienced campaigner Dinesh Jayawardena, Madushan Manapperuma, Samantha Gunawardena, Mahinda Premaratne, Mahinda Ratnayake and Rameez Mahamoor.

In the motorcycle events apart from Gayan the other riders who were successful were two brothers Kevin and Rehan Buultjens, veteran Ananda Wedisinghe and his brother Udesh, former top rider Nalin Perera, Rajith Silva, Shazni Irshan, Ishan Dassanayake and Shanaka Jayana Sandaruwan who incidentally is Gayan's brother.

The award for the best driver and rider of the Foxhill Suprcross was won by Aravinda Premadasa and Rehan Buultjens respectively. But reigning motorcycle champion Gayan Sandaruwan was due to hand over a protest regarding the flagging of the Group MX Motorcycle 125-250 event (Race 1) due to a false start. When The Sunday Times spoke to an official of the organizing committee he said there was nothing wrong with the flagging off but any competitor has the right to protest.

The 13th Foxhill Supercross was organized by the Sri Lanka Association of Drivers and Riders.

1. Group MX-PW or QR 55cc Under 10 years - 1. Shanaka Jayana Sandaruwan (Yamaha PW50). 2. Supun Lakshitha (Yamaha PW50). 3. Thilina Perera (Yamaha PW50). 2. Forces Car upto 1500cc - 1. Mahinda Ratnayake (Mazda 323 - 1300). 2. Rohitha Wijepala (Mazda 323 - 1500). Group MX upto 85cc Under 13 years - 1. Shazni Irshan (Honda CR80). 2.Shehan Buultjens (Yamaha YZ80). 3. Aqueel Rizni (Honda CRM80). 4. Group SL N - Mini Saloon upto 1000cc - 1. Samantha Gunawardena (Austin Mini 1000). 2. K. Parameshwaran (Mini Minor 1000). 3. Bandula Seneviratne (Morris Mini 1000). 5. Group SL N Cars Ford Laser/MAzda upto 1500cc (Race 1) - 1. Upulwan Serasinghe (Mazda 323). 2. Nishan Wasalathanthri (Ford Laser). 3. Chaminda Weerasuriya (Ford Laser). 6. Group MX Motorcycles upto 85cc Under 16 years - 1. Yohan Rajith Silva (Yamaha YZ85). 2. Sasindu Peiris (Yamaha YZ85). 3. Ishan Dassanayake (Yamaha Yz82). 7. Group SLN Cars Ford Laser/Mazda upto 1300cc 1. Upulwan Serasinghe (Ford Laser). 2. Yoga Perera (Mazda 323). 3. Ashan de Silva (Ford Laser). 8. SLA Cars upto 1050cc - 1. Upul Perera (Mitsubishi Dangan 935). 2. Hafiz Cader (Austin Mini 1050). 3. Miss. S.A.Lakshitha (Nissan March 998). 9. Group FIA-N Cars upto 1600c - 1. Dinesh Jayawardena (Honda). 2. Dinesh Senanayake (Honda Civic). 3. Sumanapala Manapperuma (Honda Civic). 10. Group MX Motorcycles upto 85cc 1. Kevin Buultjens (Yamaha YZ82). 2. Harshana Kadearachchi (Kawasaki KX85). 3. Pasindu Peiris (Kawasaki KX85). 11. SLA Cars upto 3500cc (Race 1). 1. Aravinda Premadasa (Mitsubishi Evo 6 - 2000). 2. Nalin D. Perera (Mitsubishi Evo6 - 2000). 3. Reyaz Farook (Mitsubishi Evo7 2000). 12. Group MX Motorcycles upto 85cc Under 16 years - 1. Ishan Dassanayake (Yamaha YZ82). 2. Sasindu Peiris (Yamaha YZ82). 3. Kasun Abeyratne (Yamaha YZ85). 13. Group SLN Cars Ford Laser/Mazda upto 1500cc (Race 2). 1. Nishan Wasalathanthri (Ford Laser). 2. Upulwan Serasinghe (Mazda 323). 3. Prasanna de Alwis (Ford Laser). 14. Group MX Motorcycles upto 125cc (2T) and upto 250cc (4T). 1. Rehan Buultjens (Honda CR125). 2. Ananda Wedisinghe (Kawasaki KK 250F). 3. Gayan Sandaruwan (Honda CR125). 15. Group T & J Diesel upto 3000cc (Non Turbo). 1. Upul Perera (Toyota Hilux). 2. Annesley Perera (Mitsubishi Jeep 2500). 3. Lanil Galaboda (Mitsubishi Pajero 2800). 16. Group SLN Cars 10-12kg/hp - 1. Shantha Suraweera (Subaru Legacy). 2. Lanil Galaboda (Honda Civic). 3. Pradeep Rajapakse (Mazda). 17. Group P Standard Street Trail upto 125cc (2T0 and upto 250cc (4T) - 1. Udesh Wedisinghe (Yamaha WR250F). 2. Pasindu Peiris (Kawsaki KDX125). 3. Rohana Jayaratne (Kawasaki KDX 125). 18. Group SLA Cars 1050cc upto 1400cc - 1. Rameez Mahmoor (Suzuki Cultux 1300). 2. Rohan Dhammapala (Honda City 1300). 3. Yoga Perera (Mini Rover 1380). 19. Group MX Motorcycles upto 125cc (2T) and upto 250cc (4T) - 1. Gayan Sandaruwan (Honda CR125). 2. Rehan Buultjens (Honda CR125).

3. Ananda Wedisnghe (Kawasaki KK250F). 20.Group SLN Cars 8-10kg/hp - 1. S.N.J.N. Dias (Honda CRX). 2. Sajad Zuhair (Honda Civic). 3. Raja Peiris (Honda Civic). 21.Group P Standard Street Trail upto 250cc (2T0 and upto 450cc (4T). 1. Nalin Perera (Yamaha WR400). 2. Akila Batapola (Kawasaki KDX125). 3. Udesh Wedisinghe (Yamaha WR250F). 22. Group SLS Cars Specials upto 1600cc - 1. Madushan Manapperuma (Honda Civic). 2. Ishraq Wahab (Honda Civic 1500). 3. Javed Wahab (Honda Civic). 23. Group P & MX upto 450cc (4 Stroke) - 1. Ananda Wedisinghe (Kawasaki KX250F). 2. Nalin Perera (Yamaha WR400). 3. Udesh Wedisinghe (Yamaha WR250F). 24. Group T&J Open Event - 1. Mahinda Premaratne (Mitsubishi Evo). 2. Dinesh Senanayake (Toyota Rav4 2000). 3. Gamini Nelson (Mitsubishi Evo). 25. Group MX Motorcycles upto 250cc (2T) and upto 450cc - 1. Gayan Sandaruwan (Honda CR125). 2. Rehan Buultjens (Honda CR125). 3. Tuan Ossen (Yamaha YZ125).

Cars upto 3500cc - 1. Shantha Suraweera (Subaru Impreza 2000). 2. Mahinda Premaratne (Mitsubishi Evo 2000). 27. Group SLA Cars upto 3500cc (Race 2). 1. Aravinda Premadasa (Mitsubishi Evo 6 2000). 2. Nalin D. Perera (Mitsubishi Evo 6 2000). 3. Reyaz Farook (Mitsubishi Evo 7 2000).


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