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War letters on stage
The heart-rending, timely tale revolving around the repercussions of war, War Letters, directed by Juanita Beling and performed by the Reachdrama Theatre Group, which had to be postponed due to unavoidable circumstances, will be staged at the Namel-Malini Punchi Theatre, on March 11 and 12, at 7.30 p.m.

This play is about three women, Leela, Kamala and Malee, representing three generations – mother, wife and daughter of an army officer, Udara. It is set in a rural village in the south. The play seeks to give the audience some insight into the world of these women. The simple dialogue displays how each of them deal with the departure of a son, husband and father to the battlefield and the reality of the fact that they might never see him again. Whilst awaiting anxiously for his return, powerless in the face of a war that shows no sign of ending, they find themselves hoping, praying, wishing that it would in fact end and bring Udara back home soon. The script cleverly captures the frustrations, hopelessness, helplessness and loneliness that each of them feel.

Furthermore, the play addresses certain issues currently plaguing our nation. Today we are enjoying peace as a result of the cessation of hostilities in the North East. Yet we need to only glance through the newspapers to see that, the absence of war, is by no means the presence of peace. The slumber of one form of violence has provoked various other forms of it, to action; raising its ugly head in every nook and cranny of our nation. Today, murder, rape, theft, and the like are rampant and have necessitated the re-introduction of the death penalty for certain crimes. The war is over. But peace is still an illusion….

Tickets will be available at the Punchi Theatre.


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