Not unethical, says Board
Udaya's company handled SLTB contract
Dut Holdings, a company owned by Sri Lanka Tourist Board (SLTB) chairman, Udaya Nanayakkara has refurbished furniture at the board premises but the state agency has denied accusations of favouritism in the tender process.

Director General of SLTB, S. Kalaiselvam, who is also the Chairman of the Tender Board, said he didn't think it was unethical for the contract to be given to DUT Holdings as there are procedures that the tender board follows and that Mr. Nanayakkara has every right (for his company to submit a tender).

He was asked by The Sunday Times FT as to whether or not it is ethical for the Chairman of SLTB to be awarded the contract to refurbish his own office. The Board called for tenders from companies six months ago for a refurbishment of furniture and the contract was given to Nanayakkara's company, one of the applicants.

The other members of the tender board are the Financial Director of SLTB and the Chief Accountant of the Ministry of Tourism. The SLTB chairman was not available for comment and his office told The Sunday Times FT to clarify the issue from the DG.

SLTB is currently undergoing further refurbishment, amounting to around Rs 20-25 million. A central air-conditioning, electronic attendance system and renovation of the car park are all included with the contracts been given to various companies.

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