Third eye and our communion with nature
By G. Mahen P. Siriwardena
None of the horrific scenes of disaster of the tsunami enveloping the eastern seaboard of the Indian Ocean shows a single carcass of a dead animal, except those that died after the event, in flash floods particularly in Ampara. There must surely be a reason and the stories of those who sensed that something was amiss are interesting.

An old man in Trincomalee in one of the hotel resorts noticed that none of the monkeys who pester the tourists at breakfast time were there. The waiter who had informed him of this has evidently perished, but the old man had watched the sea and had seen the waves coming in. He had clambered to high ground, climbed a tree and escaped.

Then there was the early riser at Bentota who noticed that there were no birds on the trees. The unusual stillness was perturbing. He had sensed that something strange was happening and had hastily retreated to high ground without knowing why. He escaped.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are reported to host the last of the vanishing tribes of primitive clans. When the Indian rescuers dared to venture to provide them with food aid, they had threatened them with bows and arrows and asked them to go to hell. There were apparently no deaths. The rest of the fishermen have all but vanished.

Recorded in Hindu mythology and the Upanishads is that man is blessed with a third eye. Located in the forehead, not in physical form, the eye of instincts, in the form of wisdom, premonitions, clairvoyance is commonly known as gut feeling.

It is supposed that in time past, man was blessed with this faculty and was able to build many a flourishing civilisation from Egypt to Asia to South America. They had no technology that is available today.

Those who practise meditation are familiar with the inner workings of the mind. In fact, those who practise Transcendental Meditation of Guru Mahesh Yogi learn by practice that equanimity and peace come through the balance of the left and right, lobes of the brain. Lobsang Rampa in one of his books writes on the third eye.

Humans of today have reached an unprecedented level of technological achievement. The logical approach of concentration, assimilation and reproduction in knowledge is very much evident in everyday life. Yet the ability of mankind to communicate with nature has diminished. It has been substituted with idol worship. The whole of mankind, it appears is now blind followers of idolism rather than in tune with the spirits within and therefore without.

It is not surprising that we are unable to perceive the vagaries of nature and take precautions hours before, as the birds and monkeys demonstrated on the 26th of December, 2004. What instincts, or messages were received, via a hawk, eagle or other would never be known. Yet there has been communication within the whole of the bird and animal kingdom. They saved themselves. We could not. Have we lost the ability of the third eye and of communion with nature?

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