Korea pledges hi-tech warning system
Korean Prime Minister Lee Hae Chan yesterday said his country would help Sri Lanka set up a hi-tech tsunami early warning sytem which could even warn people on their cellphones.

Addressing a news confence in Colombo yesterday, Mr. Chan said Korea, which had pledged a US $ 60 million for Sri Lanka’s tsunami relief effort, would also provide technical assistance for reconstruction of houses.

"We will be sending a special team of experts as discussed with President Kumaratunga, the Korean Prime Minister said. He said that President Kumaratunga had also requested assistance to build fishing vessels as over 80% of fishing boats had been destroyed.

Commenting on the distribution of aid to the LTTE-controlled areas Prime Minister Hae Chan said it was commendable of the government to see to the welfare of the areas that are controlled by the LTTE.

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