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Youth for Lanka
By Boycy
Never before have I seen such a calamity befall a nation such as ours. Never before have I witnessed the youth of a nation responding in such a manner. It has now been over a week since the waves of death swept across our peaceful and innocent island bringing death and destruction with it.

One thing that is most gratifying to see is the nation’s youth and the way in which they have gathered around in order to help this country’s relief effort. From the haves to have-nots, everyone is desperately trying to do their part. And so, as we spent hours sorting out clothes, dry rations and medicines we put any differences we have aside and get on with the important task that lies in front of us.

Since the appeals for help have started many groups of friends have got together and done whatever they could to help ease the situation. As youth who have not previously experienced a spectacle on such a scale the sheer volume of this tragedy has prompted the youth to come forward to be seen, heard and felt.

Some have gone deep into areas that need help, others have become key points in the relief organisational network by providing their services be it in body or mind. The youth of Sri Lanka have a lot to be proud of, lots has been done, lots more has to be done.


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