Showmen here to sort out tax issue
By Asif Fuard
An Indian team involved in organising the 'Temptation 2004' show featuring Shahrukh Khan is due in Sri Lanka next week to resolve a tax issue after the Department of Inland Revenue directed commercial banks not to remit any proceeds of the show.

The Sunday Times learns that the team from Showdiff Worldwide is expected to resolve the tax issue, enabling it to remit the funds to the relevant parties. According to the Inland Revenue procedure, a foreign artiste performing in Sri Lanka is liable to tax depending on the income gained. The tax could vary going up to about 30 percent of the income, as reported in The Sunday Times last week.

The Sunday Times learns that there was no local organiser liable to pay tax and in this event the Inland Revenue Department was empowered to issue a ruling that the funds could not be remitted without the payment of the tax despite the fact that it was not a charitable event.

Meanwhile, Police have still not arrested anyone over the grenade attack which killed two people. SSP Sarath Lugoda said information given by several witnesses did not tally.

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