Crippled Greek ship guided to Dubai
The Greek ship which suffered a fire in its engine room was due to be guided to Dubai yesterday after the fire was put out and the crew members found to be safe.

The Master Divers rescue team from Colombo helped put out the fire that erupted in the engine room in the cargo vessel which was a few miles outside the territorial waters of Sri Lanka on Thursday morning.

The vessel 'Lloyd Diana' was coming from the Far East bound for Europe when it caught fire near the Maldives. The vessel had 4000 containers of mainly electronic goods and vehicles. Twenty-five crew members were on board.

The vessel was 500 nautical miles away fromColombo at the time of the incident. Colombo Radio did not inform the Navy or merchant shipping about the situation because the vessel was outside Sri Lankan territorial waters. Master Divers Chairman A. Wickremanayake said the the engine room of the ship had suffered extensive damage.

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