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Sriyani’s ‘Holman Boattuwa’ sets sail
By Sisitha R Fernando
‘Holman Boattuwa’ (Boat of the Ghosts), another miniplay directed by veteran film star Sriyani Amerasena will be screened every Wednesday at 7.00 pm from November 3 on Swarnavahini.

The twenty-one episode teledrama deals with two families who set out for a joy ride in a boat and are overcome by number of unexpected events.The two families Damunupolas and Weerasekaras had arranged a boat trip to enjoy their weekend. It was the owner of the boat, Rohan Kapukotuwa a friend of Dammunupola family who invited the two families.

Hoping for a good time, the two families prepare for the trip.The day before the trip, a large scale gem robbery takes place in the city and nobody suspects that Rohan was behind it. And nobody was aware that the stolen gems were hidden in the boat in which the two families were awaiting to sail. Once the journey gets started the two families come across strange experiences in the boat. First they see various shadows in the boat and then they realise that their food goes missing. It appeared that there are some other unknown people in the boat and the holidaymakers get alarmed.

They suspect some mysterious figures-ghosts in the boat with them. As the boat sails toward the deep sea they see signs of a big storm and everybody suggest that they should get back as soon as possible. But Rohan who refuses this asked them not to get frightened.

The events that takes place thereafter raises suspicion on Rohan. Ultimately they get caught in the storm and lose communication due to the heavy thunder and lightning. The boat stops due an engine trouble and they go out of stock of their food. And the drifts for several days in the deep sea and they realise that Rohan was responsible for everything. Nobody is aware that there is a big plan behind their much persuaded journey arranged by Rohan as there is an illegal transaction to take place in the high seas.

But all these plans fail and Rohan too gets disheartened as nothing had happened his way. Meanwhile the relatives of the two families complain to the police about the people who had gone on the boat ride. And now the police are in the hunt of the boat and gem robbers and many other evildoers. The miniplay will unravel all these misdeeds at the end of 21 episodes of ‘Holman Boattuwa’.

The miniplay is stared by Cleetus Mendis, Janaka Kumbukage, Gamini Hettiarachchi, Rebecca Nirmalee, Sujani Menaka, Asela Jayakody, Milinda Perera, Ajith Lokuge, Indika Ginige, Nirdha Uyanhewa, Renuka Chandani, Dilani Nikahatiya, Kapila Sigera, Upali Keerthisena, Kumara Ranepura and three child actors Chamitha Perera, Chamitha de Alwis and Kasun Withanachchi.

In the technical crew Thilaka Kudahetti scripted the play and art directed by U. K. Mahinda and camera directed by Saman Sigera. Jagath Weeratunga was the editor to the production of Cecil Withanachchi, Sriyani Amerasena directed ‘Holman Bottuwa’.


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