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‘Bedde Senehasa’ brings village life alive
In the background of a village in the 1940s the plot is set for ‘Bedde Senehasa’ directed by Samson Kumarage. The teledramas is starred by Meena Kumari, Rohitha Mannage, Anusha Sonali, Cletus Mendis, Susila Kottage, Nimal Pallewatte, Gamini Samarakoon, Damitha Saluwadana, Nandasena Herath, Mahinda Rajapakse, Salinda Dissanayake, Rahal Bulathsinghala, Samanthi Abeysekara, Jayantha Bambarenda, Nimal Chandrasiri de Silva, Viraj Surendra and Muri Samarasinghe.

Set in a hamlet, Bingoda, the inhabitants live in constant fear of harm from wild animals and other external threats. Their main source of income was Chena cultivation and hunting.

The story revolves around the family of a hunter who lives with his wife and two grown up sons. The hunter who teaches his profession to the elder son, hands over his younger to the temple in order make him learned. But as the elder son disappeares while in the forest, the hunter takes his younger, Banda back home from the temple. Now he teaches his profession to Banda and one day while in the forest Banda loses his way home. Banda comes across a beautiful girl while searching for a way out. She is Bandari who lives with her widowed father after the untimely death of her mother. Bandari who takes him home treats him well and bring him back to the village with her father’s help.

Banda finds difficult to forget the girl after reaching his home. With the blessing of the girl’s father Banda decides to take Bandari to his home but his mother opposes this. The reason for this was that she had made a promise to her brother to get Banda married to his daughter Sudu Kumi. When proposed by Banda she refuses to make a courteous visit to Bandari’s house. But with the support of his father who has no objection to Banda’s proposal make arrangements to visit Bandari’s house.

But this enrages Kapuru the brother of Sudu Kumi, the cousin of Banda as he (Banda) had refused to marry his sister. Kapuru makes a visit to Bandari’s home in order to stop this connection. But Bandari’s father refuses to break the affair between Banda and his daughter and Kapuru decides to avenge this. On his way back he also meets the son of the Korala (headman) in the area, a famous womaniser. Once he too had an idea on Bandari but she had refused his advances. Scripted by Gayantha Sampath, Bedde Senehasa is filmed by Kithsiri Hewage and it is produced by Samson Kumarage and Jayantha Bambarenda.

‘Bedde Senehasa’ is telecast every Thursday at 7.00 pm on Swarnavahini Channel.


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