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‘Jets’ to start their engines again
Anton Gunawijaya, Indra Raj, Felix Fernando and Harris Jurangpathy together with Ishan Bahar, Sohan Pieries and Mignonne Fernando will get together for the last time in Lankan music history as Jetliners on December 19 and 20. “The original Jetliners Re-Union Concert” will come alive on Dec. 19 and 20 at 7.00 pm at the BMICH.

They will be back at “Sundown Dance” to finish the extravaganza on style at the ‘Coconut Groove’ of the Galle Face Hotel on December 21 at 8.00 pm. The line up consist of Anton on guitar, Indra on leadguitar, Felix on bass, Harris on drums, Ishan on guitar and Sohan and Miginonne on vocals.

This is their first performance in Sri Lanka together for the original line up in 35 years.‘Two shows at BMICH will be mainly to give a better opportunity to all Jetliners’ fans to see their favourite band in action’ said Damayantha Kuruppu, the organizer, producer of the show.

All members, namely Anton, Harris, Felix, Indra, Sohan and Mignonne will be in Sri Lanka by December 12 in time for rehearsals for the show. Ishan will be teaming up with them from here.‘The show will feature the old time favourites of Jetliners’, he said.

‘They will bring their guitars and Indra will also carry his guitars amplifier and the accessories, to give that distinctive Hank Marvin - Shadows” sounds. The guitars are all FM and no cables, thus giving more flexibility to move around on stage,’ Damayntha said.

The show is presented by DR Entertainments in collaboration with HCIMA. The main person behind the show is Damayantha Kuruppu. Tickets for the show will be on sale in mid-November but bookings are now open.


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