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The winner will bag it all
By Ishani Ranasinghe
The preliminary rounds of voting have come to an end. With just one week to go the best have fallen away, as the better have survived weeks of competitive voting. The final five have been chosen…

After months of planning, weeks of voting and callbacks, it’s finally time for the contestants to take centre stage and sing their hearts out to battle it out and become The Yes FM Radio Super Star.

As the finale kicks off on November 7 at the Colombo Plaza you will not only witness the five finalists, but a spectacular show that makes the finale of The Yes FM Radio Super Star a must-attend.

As the contestants take the stage at the finals they will face three rounds, in which they will be asked to sing three of the five tracks selected. During the first round the contestants will sing a song of their choice. Then comes the second round where they will sing a track according to the judges discretion. All they have to do is pick a name of a judge from a little black box. As the final round comes, once again the little black box comes in, this time carrying the names of different tracks, the final five will perform the song they pick out from it.

The show will also go live on air and once the three rounds come to an end the fun starts. Then it’s time for the audience and the listeners to deliver their verdict and cast in their votes. Everyone will be given the number to call and the SMS port will be activated for a voting period of just 45 minutes. As the listeners and audience cast their votes for the five finalists, they will be tabulated to determine who Sri Lanka has selected to be the newest star.

It will not only be the final contestants taking the stage to bring to you a dazzling evening joining them will be guest performers that will definitely make the finale something worth remembering. Another feature of the event will be the laser show with the latest five-watt white-light laser system, the only one of its kind in Sri Lanka tipped to make the event unique and memorable. The system with its motorised A/V screens promises to give a show of full-scale laser animations in full colour and also bring in a new dimension to a night of infinite possibilities.

Be a part of all this excitement as Sri Lanka uncovers the next voice to take them by storm at the finale of The Yes FM Radio Super Star. Tickets for The Yes FM Radio Super Star are out now, and can be purchased at the YES FM City Office, No.7, and Braybrooke Place, Colombo 02.


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