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Adapting- for better or worse?
Of course you knew no man (or woman) is an island but did you also know that no person is just the same always? What I am trying to say here is that people’s personalities are open to change: everyone is not a clear cut black or white, but always grey; so forget the theory that grey matter only exists in the brain!

Just look at me: At home, I hardly speak two words most times, and when I was small rarely did one hear a squeak from me, BUT in School and now in office and with my friends, I riot! In fact, none of my friend’s will ever believe it when I say that I can be quiet and quite the introvert. I know many who are like that but they simply refuse to admit they are different in character from place to place and/or from situation to situation.

Is it just me or does everyone naturally adapt to the friends they hang out with, regardless of what their personality might really be like? Or are we naturally drawn to people like us in at least some ways?

Hmm, this also makes me think (AGAIN) of accepting each other’s differences – why is it that people always try to smudge, erase, or adapt their true nature/personality just so that they can fit in with the “in crowd”?

Is it because being a true individualist invariably ends up with one being alone since everyone else is busy adapting themselves to fit in to each other’s lives, ending up in one vicious cycle of never ending change?

Given that change or adapting is the key to survival and all that, does that mean I am just one of a dying breed? Or is the trick simply to develop a very thick skin so that you continue being the real you and couldn’t care less about what other’s think of you? To be honest, I have never tried to change who I am to please others but I have constantly adapted my ways for the sake of peace – so, consciously or unconsciously, we are all chameleons when it comes to our personalities, and it would do no good to compartmentalise people into categories as we see fit.

Ok folks, let’s jump tracks right now and let me grind my favourite axe for a while – weight. Take me, for example: I am not thin but you really can’t call me huge.

But one of my dearest friends has an issue about it and keeps on pestering me about losing some weight saying that then it would make my transition into the “singles market” easier – the pure audacity of the statement probably makes you wonder why I even consider that person a “friend” any more – but you see, he is a nice person but when it comes to this particular issue, he is as mean as it can ever get.

Honestly!!! I mean he obviously cares when he tells me that I should eat only vegetables and just drink water while exercising strenuously till I get the hourglass figure that was mine a ‘few’ years ago when I was just 16! He is no drop-dead-gorgeous Greek Adonis himself, but why I am surprised??

Of course, the fact that we are still in limbo about where exactly our relationship is adds more issues into the already laden lorry full of baggage we both have brought in from previously botched relationships – just friendships and otherwise.

Funniest thing is that I don’t get all sweaty-palmed at the thought of him and I am sure he doesn’t either – he stands for something like a comfort zone (despite the hurtful remarks) and something tells me I am the same for him. So where do we go from here? Honey, you’re guess is as good as mine but my final word on the matter is that at this point in my life, one thing I hate to do is be in limbo, period.

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– catch ya next weekend!


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