Mind your business
UN's woes
Tourist Board staffers got a fat paycheck recently courtesy Udaya Nanayakkara who also denies that the board dipped into the private sector-contributed Cess fund to make this payment. Now staff in other institutions under Tourism Minister Anura Bandaranaike like Hotels Corporation are demanding their share of the pie - pay us more like the Tourist Board. Are the former brothers-in-law fighting over this issue?

Deflated power
A little fly on the wall of the BOI tells us that the big 'un at the BOI who sat in the chairman's seat and gave orders for all and sundry while the head was away seems to have lost his clout. Will he now pay more attention to his position at the presidential palace or his giant private sector interests?

New breed
Journalism has long been known as a cover for spying but local vendors vying for lucrative contracts appear to have taken the practice to a new level. Recently, a company that had called for bids in a high profile IT deal found bidders posing as reporters in an effort to get information on bids submitted by rivals.

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