Sunday August 22, 2004
CoL soars, MPs want luxury vehicles
More price shocks on the cards
Treasury drained, Sumedha seeks foreign drought aid
JVP to link up with Chinese CP
President off to London: UN address next month
Lead by example
Doctors fault ad hoc salary revisions
Police arrest four in Polte Mohan killing
Too many snubs make JVP turn away
UniversityEnglish teachers in token strike
Sizzling hot cost of living squeezing people dry
Court upholds right to adopt any religion or belief
Transport Minister, Private bus owners, on different routes
Rape of the south to reap riches in the north
JHU to present amended bill
Financial Times
Govt. plan for 1 mln new phones
Fuel price hike to hit corporate earnings
Pyramid schemes banned under new laws
Top British soccer players buy Lankan villas
Countdown to the MFA phase out
Loose talk spooks the markets (Comment)  
Telecom Ministry slams SLT, privatisation (Interview)  
Richard Pieris' group 1st quarter results impressive
Sea sand long-term option to river sand 
Wages rise on high rubber prices
IOf our mothers and sisters working abroad
Back to exchange controls?
Govt. hopes for 6-8 pct growth (Weekly Roundup)
Developing the Small Business (III):The business life cycle (Busines@Home)
Man for all seasons
The Vaas factor
Royal Colombo Golf Club 125 not out
The Vision for Rugby; the mission for the future
Isipathana lone among visitors
Looking for another feather in the
Kingswood out to retain President's Trophy
Historic 4-in-a-row for Royal
TV Times
Rush for ‘Karaoke Magic Mike Competition’ at the Deli Market
Damayanthi back with ‘La Sanda Paya’
‘Diviya Pura’: Ranidu’s first solo album
‘Vihanga Geethaya’: A tale of triangular love
‘Milla Soya’ ready for screen at last
Nalan brings out another hi
Sci-Fi monsters battle for supremacy
Earl’s Regency : Luxury nest in Dumbara Valley

Truck loads of timber being transported across the Omanthai checkpoint into the uncleared areas have been a common sight in the recent weeks. The reasons for the transportation of large stocks of timber are not clear, but what is clear is that lorry loads of timber are being moved into the uncleared areas where the LTTE has imposed a ban on felling trees. The picture was captured in the LTTE-controlled areas of Kilinochchi (See related story on page 6). Pic by Lakshman Gunathilake..
Govt. enjoys no peace with any party - Political Column
CBK turns full circle on Trinco - Situation Report
Mahinda has avoided many thorny issues - 5th Column
- Political Sketchbook
A submission to the UNP Commission - The Rajpal Abyenayake Column
No more dreams: It’s harsh reality - The Sunday Times Economic Analysis
Democracy comes to the Wanni - Thoughts from London
Common people safeguard democracy better - Focus on Rights
Bush’s Republican bash bracing itself for a bashing - inside the glass house
Debates postponed; Cader drama takes centre stage - Lobby
Hilton and Halal - IIThe ugly side - Jungle Telegraph
Digging deep for a drop
Taking a home away from the homeless
Work for food programme! 
A prince among scholars
Monument of miracles
Don’t break your heart
An escapade in Barney’s hearse
Why beards are not politically correct
She gave all she had
Dance of the souls
An exclusive song for an exclusive singer
Novel creations, backed by vibrant sounds, movement and harmony
Lankan knick-knacks for exclusive Florida boutique
Mirror Magazine
We did it our way
Setting the stage for ‘R&J’
Evolutions in art
Go your own way
Many a dream in changing times
Funday Times
Building of Abhayagiri
The sittara’s doings in the early days



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