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Sins of father visits on son
By Susitha R. Fernando
Purnima has gone to meet Minister Uduwara to ask him to reinstate her father. Her father Jayasuriya is not happy about the move. Although Purnima was not sure about the reason for her father’s disapproval she was aware how her father viewed it.

‘Purnima’, star by Paboda Sandeepani is the main character of this twentyfour episode “Samanala Sihinaya”.‘Samanala Sihinaya’ will telecast every Tuesday at 7.30 pm on ITN channel from August 10.

Douglas Ranasinghe, Veena Jayakody, Paboda Sandeepani, Nihal Fernando, Nalin Pradeep Uduwela, Maureen Charuni, Nisansala Jayathunge, Ashen Manjula, Rebecca Nirmalee, Anjula Rajapakse, Prasani Perera and Prasannajith Abeysuriya are in the cast.

Her journey was to influence her whole life as it was here that Uduwara’s son Kaveen first sees Purnima. Kaveen is engaged to Kalpani a girl that suits his status and life style but the moment he sets eyes on Purnima he was swept off his feet.

Jayasuriya lost his job due to the Minister. Yet Purnima and her sister has no inkling of this. Uduwara seeks to take revenge from Jayasuriya even after he manages to make Jayasuriya lose his job. He takes the house that Jayasuriya occupies and sees that Jayasuirya does not get employed in the private sector. To do all this he uses his influence as a minister.

There is a good reason for Uduwara’s behaviour. They were good friends. Padmaseeli, Jayasuriya’s wife, is Heen Banda’s daughter, Heen Banda worked for Uduwara. When Padamaseeli gets pregnant by Uduwara, his father sends him abroad. Uduwara goes reluctantly and he hopes to wed Padmaseeli once he returns. Padmaseeli marries Jayasuriya as she wants her child to have a name. When Uduwara comes back and inquires about his child Padmaseeli, tells him that the child was aborted.

Uduwara is angered at the thought that Padmaseeli and Jayasuirya has destroyed his child. This makes him determined to take revenge on the couple. Yet his child is alive-she is Purnima.

Purnima and Kaveen fall in love and starts an affair while Padmaseeli is against it. Jayasuriya hopes to use this as a key to punish Uduwara. Uduwara too encourages them hoping to take revenge on Jayasuriya.

How will this conflict situation end? Will Purnima come to know that her father is Uduwara? Or will they marry without knowing their true identity? The answers to this conflict filled story could be found as you watch the teledrama ‘Samanala Sihinaya’. To the production of Manjula Malwatte the teleplay is directed by Tikiri Ratnayake.


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