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  • Slaying of Commander Kapisiya
    The king was engaged in a long conversation with the youth, who had come from Matuvelanga. It was a very friendly discussion and as such, the king was not given proper recognition. He felt a little insulted and asked them whether they knew who he was.

  • More on Rajarata
    Here is good news for Funday Times readers in the Rajarata. The exhibition about which we wrote last week comes to your capital city, Anuradhapura on August 8. You will be able to view the glory of ancient Rajarata through photographs taken by the team of Studio Times professional photographers for a month from August 8.
  • The Peacock and the Avichchiya
    In the forest of this land, live birds of many kinds; Of many sizes and shapes, of many colours and shades. One of the prettiest birds is the peacock, monara, a large bird, which has long tail feathers in beautiful colours and patterns.
  • The Monkey and the Crocodiles
    In ancient India in the region of Kasi, there lived all kinds of wild animals and reptiles in the river running through the jungle.

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