PC polls: Less interest, lacklustre campaign
Despite Provincial Council elections being around the corner, the enthusiasm among people for the election appears to be low, as campaigns have taken a rather low profile.

In comparison to the last general election held on April 2, activity in election campaigns has died down with a lesser number of political meetings being held and canvassing done.

The enthusiasm in the election campaign of the Southern Province, which was very high at the last parliamentary election, has noticeably dropped this time. So far political parties have held hardly any major political meetings while even pocket meetings have been reduced.

A reason for the lacklustre campaign has been that police have been strict in tearing posters of candidates. Police last week arrested four UPFA supporters who were putting up posters of a UPFA candidate. However no major incidents of violence have been reported from the south.

The election campaign among political parties in the Kandy district too has not been very high. Most candidates are seen canvassing in towns and villages in Kandy using few vehicles while people are showing only a little interest in the campaigns.

It is the same picture in the Anuradhapura district with a lack of enthusiasm among people there in the forthcoming election. Though no major incidents of violence have been reported from the Anuradhapura district a UNP supporter was injured last week after he had been shot at by another group. On Friday the UNP political office in Kekirawa had also been attacked and property damaged.

People's interest in the Western province too seems to have dropped notably. The three districts Colombo, Gampaha and Kalutara which were full of activity during the last election are experiencing a lull.

Police said that no major incidents have been reported from the Western province except for a few minor incidents. They said they have been very tough in tearing down posters and cut-outs of candidates in order to observe election laws.

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