Square pegs and round holes
It was an irony that the tragedy occurred during a Courteous Driver's Week. A private bus driver, a speed maniac, mowed through two school girls and an aunt in Polgahawela.

A top man in the Ministry of Public Security, Law and Order was evidently angered by media reports of the incident. He rang a top cop at Police Headquarters and asked whether the accused driver cannot be charged for murder ? As one top cop said to another, "machan, it is some relief he was talking about an accident. Imagine if it was a case of house breaking and theft". His friend responded "in such an event, if an order came to me, I would charge him for attempted murder".

Well, well. This is much more serious than asking the Police to catch all those consuming liquor in public places. Those who cannot afford the luxury of sipping a drink at a star class hotel would have to settle for the confines of their homes. That is even if they were law abiding citizens and the Police were there to deal with the law breakers. Square pegs in round holes one would say. But they do cause problems.

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