That Karuna affair is getting queer by the day
"Satellite, Satellite, where have you been, I've been to London to visit the Queen…" Bindu Udagedera was saying to himself.
"Why, Bindu, why are you reciting nursery rhymes?" his father Percy asked.
"Why, thaaththa, hasn't Satellite gone to London?" Bindu wanted to know.
"But, I believe it was a private visit…" Percy said.
"But, thaaththa, wasn't Satellite in fact out of the country when they broadcast her address to the nation?"

"If Satellite was on a private visit, there is no need to broadcast that fact, Bindu…" Percy argued.
"But, thaaththa," Bindu protested, "they led everyone to believe that she was in the country when the address to the nation was broadcast…"
"Yes, but I don't think we should be too concerned about what our leaders do with their private lives …"

"Is that why we have the private lives of some politicians described in television interviews, thaaththa?" Bindu wanted to know.
"Well, people should be worried about their private lives only if there is something to hide, Bindu…" Percy advised.
"Why do you say that, thaaththa?"
"Or else, people holding public office will get away with anything saying it is a private matter…"

"Who would say that?" Bindu asked.
"For instance, the MP who brought Karuna to Colombo could say that Karuna was a 'private friend'…"
"But thaaththa, isn't that also a rather curious story?"
"Why is that?"
"It is curious because they are blaming the Green Man for trying to strike a deal with Karuna, even though the Green Man says he knows nothing about it…"

"The Green Man knows nothing about a lot that goes on around him…" Percy observed.
"But thaaththa," Bindu persisted, "they also say that Karuna was provided with protection by the armed forces when he was brought to Colombo by that MP…"
"So, what are you suggesting?" Percy queried.
"That implies that the Green Man was in control of the armed forces even though Satellite is not only the Commander-in-Chief but also the Minister of Defence…"

"Which means that Satellite too does not know a lot about what goes on around her…"
"But she certainly knows a thing or two about trying to get enough MPs to obtain a majority in the House…" Bindu said.
"Ah, that shouldn't be too difficult…"
"Why do you say that?" Bindu wanted to know, "are they tempting Arumugam again?"

"No," Percy said, "but I do think there are many Greens who would be tempted with much less than what Arumugam is demanding…"
"Is that what Satellite is doing in London, then?"
"No, I don't think so," Percy said, "I think she was trying to meet the Prime Minister there…"

"Why, didn't she succeed?" Bindu asked.
"Apparently not," Percy said, "he was too busy, they had said…"
"He certainly wouldn't have wanted to be kept waiting for two hours for Satellite to make her appearance…" Bindu said.
"Whatever her faults, they shouldn't be insulting our Head of State," Percy said, "who knows, they might now want to fingerprint her when she wants to go there…"

"But how would he know that she is usually late, thaaththa?" Bindu asked.
"Why, Princess Anne would have told him; she was kept waiting for two hours when she visited Satellite…" Percy said.
Bindu began singing his nursery rhyme again: "Satellite, Satellite, where have you been? I've been to London to visit the Queen; Satellite, Satellite, what did you do there? I got snubbed by Tony Blair…"

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