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Of love and old Friendship
“Diya Ginisilu”, a teledrama based on a novel by Nihal Peiris and directed by Senaka Wijesinghe is now being telecast every Sunday at 7.30 pm on ITN. The miniplay stars, Senaka Wijesinghe, Nilmini Tennekoon, Priyankara Ratnayake, Rex Kodippili, Nilanthi Wijesinghe, Buddhi Wickrema, Naleen Pradeep Uduwela and Chandima Dimuthumenike.

The story filled, with suspense and mystery revolves around a couple. Asela, a handsome young man has an ability to hypnotise people. Thamara is beautiful and comes to live in a house in the vicinity of his place. As time goes on, a feeling of love and affection towards Thamara begins to bloom in Asela’s mind. But he finds it difficult to express his feelings to her.

One day Asela happens to meet one of his schoolmates and a friend Suraweera. The meeting was after a very long time. Their old friendship is renewed. However, one day Asela finds out that Thamara is having a boyfriend and that he was none other than Suraweera. Asela also finds out that Thamara and Suraweera are making arrangements to get married in a few months. But Suraweera never comes to know that his friend Asela was having ideas about his fiancée. But Asela who does not intend to interfere with his best friend’s affair decides to drop his idea about Thamara.

But one day an unusual incident occurs. When Asela was spending the night at his friend’s place after a party around midnight he hears a strange scream from Suraweera’s bedroom. With this incident the story of ‘Diya Ginisilu’ takes a new twist and enters a zone of high suspense and mystery.


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