Jackie Dias Champ again
For just about 2 weeks I've been anchored to a bed in a private hospital, riddled with irritating ailments that usually get attached to bodies of my vintage. The days were long and the nights restless and eventually I came off in reasonable good shape to warn you my dear friends, "Please do not get old". Meantime I am up to my tonstils compiling and editing material for the commemorative publication of the 125th Anniversary of the Royal Colombo Golf Club.

It is a solo effort and a monumental task. Anne Captain called several times with deep concern and when I spoke with her this morning from my recovery bed, she sounded rapt with excitement that the Ridgeway Trophy 2004 finish was a rousing success. I understand there were near two dozen entries, with lively Korean participation.

The seniors kept away, to help in the organisation and lend support at the Awards Ceremony. Rohini de Mel, the most senior lady, much respected and much loved, beamed her bewitching smile throughout the ceremony and joyfully mixed with the other seniors to make the evening fun filled and quite lively. Metropolitan Agencies, the Ambani Empire, stayed un-obstructively behind sponsoring what was identified as the unmatchable event of the calendar. Anne Captain was joined by a string of gorgeous seniors distributing the awards - a fine gesture much appreciated.

Jackie Dias is a strong striker of the ball, and on the greens her bravery is often rewarded. In the semi she had a scare from Kumari Herath who took the lass to the 19th, before she wilted. In the other semi, N.N. Yoon caused Usha de Silva to prepare herself for a final meeting with Jackie Dias. Jackie was too good from the beginning even though she was one down at the 9th.

Then skill combined with good fortune and Jackie started to move ahead - at the 15th she was 5 up and had the Ridgeway Trophy in her tight embrace. She was a popular winner with Yoon an equally popular loser. Congrats Anne Captain and the Ladies Committee!


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