Odds and Ends
Reminding the President

Vadais, vegetable rotis and fruit juice seemed an ample enough treat for the 20 members of the Tamil National Alliance who enjoyed Presidential hospitality as the President walked in 45 minutes late to the meeting.

And at the end of the meeting a Tamil National Alliance member walked up to the President and discussed the pruning down of their security and in the process posed this questito the President: “Madam do you remember me?” and the President replied “No”. The member said “Madam, do you remember you ordered my detention and I had to wait a long time in detention?”

“So you are Kishore”, responded the President. The member was Sivanathan Kishore, former northern co-ordinator of the Sri Lanka Red Cross who was detained on allegations of transporting communication equipment to the LTTE, but released one and half years later without charges.

Who hit whom?
Who hit whom? That seems to be the question now being debated after the brawl in Parliament. Some of the ruling party members are trying to palm the responsibility of the attacks on the opposition members.

With public denials about the involvement of the government members, efforts are being made to blame the Parliamentary staff now. The government members say the monks may have got crushed by the huge officer attached to the Parliament staff who was trying to protect them.

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