Customs men shocked at Public Service Commission decision
Customs Department officials are up in arms over a decision to reinstate a colleague of theirs who was an accused and later turned state witness in the murder case of another Customs official Sujith Perera.

Several Customs officials have expressed their strong displeasure at the decision by the Public Services Commission (PSC) and the Finance Ministry to re-instate the official in the Department even though the Courts had discharged him.

Three persons were sentenced to death for conspiring to murder Sujith Perera who was gunned down at Kiribathgoda on his way to work in March 2002. The Customs officials who did not wish to be identified said they fear that their investigations into several important cases could be jeopardised by the reinstatement of this person.

They alleged that the brother of this person was on the board of directors of the company in whose name two light planes, which could be used for surveillance, had been imported into the country in November.

They said investigations into this case and several other cases could be affected by the reinstatement of the official. "Many of the officials who could afford to migrate left the country after Sujith Perera's killing.

Now even before the dust could settle on the matter, they have reinstated a man who had a hand in his demise. In these circumstances how can we continue our work without fear or favour," a Customs official queried.

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