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Dear coz

Be patient
Dear Lee (Letter withheld on request),
I'm sure neither of your parents want you to make a commitment at such a young age. They're afraid that you two might disrupt your studies and ruin your lives. It's understandable. If you truly love each other, your love will stand the test of time whether near or far. It all depends on the two of you. If she must go abroad then there's little you can do. Keep in touch through e-mails and chat conversations. Be patient and strong. Things will work out if you remain true to each other.

Don't rush
Dear Coz,
I'm a sixteen-year-old girl. My father works in a tea factory and was transferred to another estate. I met this guy at the farewell function held for my father. I fell in love with him right away. Looking into his eyes I felt that he loved me too. After three months we met again but I never spoke about my love. I love him so much. Tell me what to do?

Dear Upa,
Well, whatever his eyes may have said he's failed to communicate it. You know next to nothing about him. Don't rush into things. You may have read more than his eyes implied. So far he hasn't said anything, so it's upto you to decide whether you want to make the first move. If so, next time you bump into him, say hi and strike up a conversation. If you can get hold of his number, give him a ring on some pretext or the other. Get to know him as a person before you make a move. You can then decide whether he's the one for you.

Meet her parents
Dear Coz,
I'm a 24-year-old guy who's been going out with a girl for the past two years. She has been telling me for sometime that it's time to meet her parents. Since I'm jobless right now, I told her I'd speak to them as soon as I found a job. Two weeks later, she tells me she has another boyfriend and that if I come to a certain place I could meet him. When I went, there were lots of guys there and I spoke with the guy who said he was her boyfriend. He showed me a photograph of hers. I'm sure she had asked him to act like her boyfriend. I don't know why she has changed. Please help me.

I'm suffering

Dear I'm suffering,
It may have seemed to her that you were just playing around. After all, you've been going out with her for two years and you've never asked to meet her parents. If you think there's another guy involved, you're not going to go around bothering her. If you truly love her, you still have time to go and meet her parents and explain things to them. Don't just wait for a job to land at your feet, go out there and start looking for one. You're 24, don't waste your time. Whether this relationship works out or not it's time you owe it to yourself to get on with your life.

Think twice
Dear Sony (Letter withheld on request),
He's 23; he should be able to stand up for himself. If he keeps wavering all the time, he's not going to be someone you can lean on in times of trouble. If you really want to, try to speak to him again. You'll only be inviting trouble and heartache if you pursue this. Discuss this with your father. He was willing to meet your boyfriend and seems to be quite open-minded. He may even be able to speak directly with your boyfriend's parents and figure out a solution. If he doesn't know whether it's you or what he wants, then he's not worth the trouble. Think twice!

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