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Approaching the big hurdle
"Why are you being so childish, men," said a friend to me... Well, I explained that's because maybe I refuse to grow up. After all, who wants a life full of responsibility and duty - yes that's right. Pretty soon I'll be 21, yes, the big day beckons whereupon I will have to remove my cloak of teenage innocence and don the mantle of adulthood complete with a new attitude and vision... or not...

Growing up means getting older and wiser but then again what if you find solace in being young at heart? After all, they say you are as 'young as you feel'. So as I approach the big hurdle that is responsibility and maturity, I am content knowing that I am not the only one who is sad to see my youth has flown past me leaving me with fond memories and thoughts of the days I spent as a teenager.

Ahh, the life of a teenager.... not a care in the world with clothing and appearance taking centre stage. Be it at a funfair or a play, teenagers take their appearance very seriously. I was one who never took to such extremes such as carrying a comb in my back pocket or investing in tubs of hair gel, but then again that might explain why I ended up the way I am...

From playing hard to get with the opposite sex to identifying one's self with a band or team, my teenage years were spent fruitfully reaping all the benefits that were on offer to me... I was never a heart breaker but then again, all my aunts said that one day I would be. Anyway now it's been 20 on this earth and still I feel as if I had just turned 13, getting up every morning and fussing only to be forced out of the house and on to the streets of Colombo to find a 'job' with the echoes of 'do something with your life' in the background.

Oh, I dread the day when I will have to sit behind a desk and work a 40 hour week, nine to five Monday to Friday, when the only glimmer of redemption is the office party or a public holiday. Forty years down the line they throw you a retirement celebration and gift you a plaque and all of a sudden you may wonder what was I doing... That is unless, of course, you love your work.

So with a certain uncertainty and a certain curiosity I turn 21 this October and will not regret it. But instead I'll live each and every day just the way I want to... just the way I feel... 18 till I die.

Singing Barefooted
By Ishani Ranasinghe
Bathiya and Santhush were the first Sri Lankans to make their mark at "Azia Dauysy". Now another Lankan duo CharlesMark who went to Kazakhstan all geared up and ready to prove that we can handle English music well, did it in style, coming in third at the 13th International Contest of Performers "Azia Dauysy" - "Voice of Asia".

"Azia Dauysy" was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan from August 1-5 and drew performers from all over the world, presenting a vast palette of styles, trends and cultures.

CharlesMark, comprising Rukshan Mark Lokuge and Bertram Charles, first sang together in a choir. Then, six years ago, they started to work on their own compositions. CharlesMark is the first band to release a "single" CD in Sri Lanka. Their single became the first local English song to enter the Sun Fm Top 40 chart at No.3.

They are mainly a western band and are currently recording a fusion album with the Australian jazz band "Zardas".

"We heard about this contest when Bathiya and Santhush became runners-up," said Rukshan adding that credit should go to Arundathy Sri Ranga-nathan of the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Cooperation for promoting it among local artistes. There was stiff competition both here in Sri Lanka and at the contest itself. "It was tough as these artistes were more experienced than we were," said Rukshan, thrilled with their achievement.

They were judged on their sound engineering and also their fusion of traditional and modern music. In this competition modern music had to be mixed with the traditional music of the artiste's own country.

"For us Ranga Dassanayaka did it well," said Rukshan adding that the quality of Ranga's fusion of ethnic and modern gave their music the cutting edge. "The end result was amazing. People recognize the uniqueness of his work immediately and he is a big part of this award," said Rukshan adding that A.R. Rahaman, the well-known Indian music composer had also commended Ranga. At Azia Dauysy, CharlesMark sang three originals, "Barefooted", "Wanna hold you" and "Suragana".

Clad in shirts and sarongs and going onstage barefoot, CharlesMark delivered "Barefooted" to a rousing reception. They were also the only artistes to mix languages with their song "Wanna hold you" having two verses in English and two in Sinhala while "Suragana" was in Sinhala.

So how did the crowd respond? "Really well," says Rukshan sounding surprised. After the first song, "we got so many flowers".

At present CharlesMark is in discussion with Prime Line Incorporation about managing their band. "We are also working on a concert where we will be bringing in three guest artistes who performed at the competition," says Rukshan.

They feel that Sri Lanka should support its artistes more. "Upcoming artistes need sponsorship," says Rukshan pointing out that when the artistes become well-known the sponsors can actually take credit that they helped them achieve success.

Jason's promise comes true
By Marisa de Silva
Local music fans are in for a treat, because popular former radio station DJ Jason Knight is now in the process of delivering the goods he promised a few months ago. Knight, together with young Australian sensation Amanda North, Capitaln and many other young upcoming artistes will be releasing a series of singles, between now and the end of this year.

Amanda, half Sri Lankan by birth, is currently here for a couple of years to check out the local music scene and work out some gigs with local bands. She's working on some songs with Knight and Capitaln, which should be released soon. Having been quite popular back in Melbourne, Amanda's already been three years on the music scene Down Under and has a passion for music, singing and composing from a young age.

Preferring folk and gospel music, Amanda opts to be a bit different from the norm and 'out of the box' in her singing. "That's what I like most about working with Knight, for he too strongly believes in being different and doing original stuff," she says. Knight and Amanda are hoping to release Just Good, a song with a funky mix of hip hop, garage and techno, by the end of this year. This track which is one of 55 tracks, Knight has composed thus far over the past years, shows creativity and innovation.

Whoozie Touch, the first ever local mix of Rock 'n Roll and Ragamuffin has already been aired on a local radio station and should be out on the net by the end of the week. This song can be downloaded off the net on any one of the following sites - "http://www.kaza.com" www.kaza.com, "http://www.amazon.com" www.amazon.com, or "http://www.napster.com" www.napster.com

Shooting and editing music videos is yet another project Knight has taken on.

Knight hopes to cater more to the western tastes of the local market. He believes that too many people give up on the way, either due to too much competition or the lack of suitable back up. Knight says, that's where his outfit differs because they specialise in seeing their crew onto the end of the line.

Knight also plans to launch a new rock single titled Crazy, sung by Unknown, a group of talented young boys from Negombo. A remake of his song Always was also done by Isuru, titled Samedha, featuring Shani in the music video. Knight's song Double Cross featuring Dylan D is mainly gangsta related and speaks of two guys and how one ends up going out with the other's wife behind his back. Another song, Group Theory was awaiting a female vocalist and now with Amanda on the scene, they should be able to complete it. It speaks out against drugs and denounces the way our local people imitate the Black American way of living, under the illusion that it's the cool thing to do."We can sing songs like them but we shouldn't get carried away with that train of thought,"says Capitaln.

Knight and Capitaln still have their minds set on forming an all female group as it would be a relatively new concept on the local music scene. Any interested parties could get in contact with them on either jasonknight2000@hotmail.com or jasonknight@itmin.com


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