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Straight, spiky and curly
Nine years ago, Ravi, a past pupil of Isipathana College started work at 'Salon Nayana'. "My brother does hair and make-up in Singapore and this influenced me to a certain extent," says Ravi who would often watch his brother at work.

Ravi too went to Singapore to study hairdressing and worked at 'Tony and Guys'. He now has his own salon at 'Kalyx Boutique' on Flower Road, Colombo 7.

Specializing in hair cuts and styling, Ravi also does colouring, perming and bonding, as well as make up, and hopes to cater to a cross section of people.

So what advice would he give on hair care? "I think it is important that the necessary treatment be given to your hair regularly," says Ravi. To people who say they don't have time in the morning, he replies "get up a bit early". Ravi advises that hair should be oiled regularly and given a trim once a month, "even if you are growing your hair". Products used on hair should be from a recognized line, he adds.

As for the new trends that are coming in, Sri Lankans are disappointing. "They are conscious about what others think and would go for a hairstyle everyone has, even though it might not suit them.

Now for the trends.

Guys? "Definitely spiky hair," says Ravi adding that it also has to have a bit of colour. "When you put in colour, the hairstyle shows and gives a classy look."

He feels that spiky hair is an easy style as all you have to do is gel it up and use your fingers to style it. "You can change the way it is done everyday."

As for the girls, short hairstyles are elegant and smart. "At the moment curls are in, especially spirals with a bit of colour." As for the re-bonding many seem to go for, Ravi feels that this particular hairstyle takes a lot of care and because of the humidity here in Sri Lanka maintaining it would be quite hard.

Apart from hairstyling Ravi is a professional Latin American and ballroom instructor, who believe it or not, has been dancing for 18 years. " I started teaching about six years ago and this is something I enjoy," he says. Building a studio is one of his future dreams.

As a hairdresser too Ravi has many plans, "but it's important for me that I am happy at what I do" he says.

Skin deep
By Ishani Ranasinghe
Is the saying 'the face is the mirror to your soul' true? Nuzly Sikkander believes it is.

With her aesthetic skin care centre "Derma Care", Nuzly plans to demonstrate how important skin care is and what beauty care is all about. "Taking care of your skin is as important as taking care of your body," says 22-year-old Nuzly who opened her salon four months ago.

Having been interested in make-up since she was very small, Nuzly started studying cosmetology when she was 15. After she completed her education in the US, she began a course in beauty culture and specialized in skincare under Lia Schorr. Nuzly received her licence in aesthetics, electrolysis, aromatherapy and make-up.

"While in Moscow, where my father was the ambassador, I also learnt hairdressing," she says adding, "that's just not me though." Returning to Sri Lanka after her marriage Nuzly realized that there was a need for a salon which specializes in skin care alone, and so 'Derma Care' was launched. Some of the treatments she offers are facials, aromatherapy, and massages as well as hair styles and bridal dressing. She also offers an interesting massage called 'bacials'.

Bacials? "It's basically a back massage," she says laughing, adding that this is excellent for spotty, acne, dehydrated or oily backs. "What it includes is exfoliating, extraction, massage and other treatments."

She also does fairness facials where "it is basically about taking off the suntan". Nuzly encourages people to wear sunblock as it really protects your skin. "The fairness facial is really popular among my clients." Having a facial done is important as it cleans the face and restores the glow. "There is the misconception among some that facials are needed for older people but that's not true. It is important even for the young."

Her salon is cosy and welcoming, with candles of various colours and sizes everywhere. "I just love candles," she says lighting a few as we enter the salon, giving it added warmth.

Nuzly also does two kinds of wax treatments; cold wax and the herbal wax. She also offers hand care that includes classic manicure, European manicure and handical; a hand treatment which she says is ideal for sunburnt hands.

Providing non-surgical face-lifts, which she recommends for people over 50 years, Nuzly also treats acne. The sessions are very personalized. "When a client comes to me I spend a lot of time with her," she says.

For an acne treatment she gets her client to write down what sort of food they normally eat. "I then go over the list with them and decide what they can cut back on and what sort of food they could avoid." This method has proven successful as she sees the results after some time. "What we eat matters," she adds. She also advises teenagers that deep cleansing is the best way to prevent acne.

Nuzly uses only Sothy's products. "I feel that the fact that these products have a base plus the natural ingredient makes it more suitable for the skin," says Nuzly who is quick to add that she doesn't however discourage her clients from using other products. "You should actually go by the ingredients of the products you are using," she says adding that she normally goes through the ingredients with her clients and explains why most compounds are used. Never use a product that does not have the ingredients listed, she warns.

Many people go in for natural products but Nuzly believes that these products must be used up soon if you want to get the desired results. "Even though we are aware of this we never follow it,' she says adding that the natural ingredients have no shelf life, "so by the time we use it it's not as natural as they say it is".

Her salon is equipped with state of the art equipment that includes a galvanic lamp. For most of us who do not know what this is she explains that this shines a light onto the skin revealing its true condition, thus making it easier to treat.

Her love for candles also helps her clients. "The candles help them to relax. This is very important," she adds as when the client is relaxed the results of the treatment are better. "I also advise them not to talk during the treatment."

No matter what some people say the state of our skin matters to most of us. And places like Nuzly's salon where all you have to do is sit back, relax, inhale the sweet smell of the burning candles and maybe cut back on a few things you eat, are going to be much sought after.

"Derma Care" is situated on 23A, Castle Lane, Bambalapitiya. Tel: 01-2503742

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