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Misleading Cricket news on Rupavahini
Sports viewing Citizen of Colombo writes.....

Can some one with responsibility explain as to why the Rupavahini news on the present one day cricket match our team against West Indies is so misleading.
The sports news showed clips of some old matches and gave the viewers the score and its results.

Isn't it strange that Carl Hooper and our Russel Arnold played in Rupavahini's present match on Sunday's Sports News? If they do not have the current clippings, do not show the old shots

Rupavahini never took the rights to show the matches, but the way they have given the score/results is totally unacceptable. In my words this is "cheating". Why is Rupavahini bluffing the Public?

Rupavahini being a National TV broadcast should never mislead the viewers. Over to the authorities for their attention.

Bring back 'Charmed'

V. Cecily of Colombo writes.....

The popular TV series 'Charmed' telecast on MTV, was one of the most watched programmes and it caused much disappointment to its fans when the telecasting was discontinued.

I'm sure that all viewers would be pleased if this TV series is re-telecast on MTV and I would like to request this through the TV Times.

Sinhala News vs. Advertisement
W. Karunaweera of Nugegoda writes..
There have been a growing complaint in the media on inane advertisements in Sinhala Teledramas and it appears that such views have been treated with wanton disregard.

We have therefore given up viewing Teledramas as it is a real wastage of time seeing more advertisements than the dramas. This action is shared by several others in our neighbourhood.

Now, the mania has spread to Sinhala News telecast on Rupavahini. Rupavahini is a state concern and it is utterly disgusting to see a flood of advertisements on soap. Cement, insecticides, chairs, jam, health drinks and a host of others preventing attentive and uninterrupted flow of news. Viewers often in disgust, change the channel until the advertisements are over, sometimes missing a good part of the news, or completely shift the channel. Advertisements are shown principally to generate income. Why should the authorities earn income in this manner?. We consider that a few advertisements from Sponsors will not tax the viewers' minds. In fairness to ITN and SIRASA advertisements are seen up to a tolerable level.

We are reluctantly compelled to give up viewing the 8.00 p.m. Rupavahini Sinhala news. We will either see the 7.00 p.m. ITN or SIRASA news or read the news papers the following day though such news may be a bit belated.

Viewers always depend on news read throurgh a state TV but that TV itself prevents viewers from seeing it. Who cares if news once read is seen or not? We would suggest that the Government which is bound to give the correct and up to date news and information to the people carry out a survey to obtain their views on the show of advertisements with the news.

Protect Musicians
A senior musician writes....
When age is not respected (I mean elderly), then how could one have any respect for human values???

This is what is happening to senior, well recognised musicians who are hired, or invited to entertain the guests at parties and functions. Musicians are subjected to embarrassing humiliation and forced to play for long hours. They are treated in the most inhuman manner by many of the guests, and even the hosts, who take them to be their "bite" or taste". To go with their liquor, it's really disgusting and insulting. It's sad to note that there is no respect for age and human values.

Guests at parties and functions must be told by their hosts not to spoil the good music provided by those who are hired to provide music, after all they too are human, and should be respected and treated in dignity and allowed to do their job. I hope all musicians will be fully covered under a special Insurance Scheme.
Isn't the State responsible for the safety and survival of our senior elderly musicians???

Dutch touch for Belihul Oya school
A community project carried out by school children from the Netherlands to renovate a dilapidated nursery school in Belihuloya will be finalised by June 23.

The project has been undertaken by grade 10 and 11 students of the International School of Amsterdam and involves the complete renovations of the buildings and the doing up of the garden and play area of the Sucharithodaya nursery school in Seelogama.

Part of the project also involves doing up the road leading upto the nursery and also getting power supply to it.

The nursery, which caters to around 500 families living in the Seelogama area, has around 20 children at present. The main reason for poor attendance so far has been itís dilapidated condition, which had resulted in parents sending their children to other nurseries far from their homes.

Not only do the children in the Netherlands fund the project but also they will be in Sri Lanka by June 23 to ensure that all the work is completed and the nursery is handed over to the villagers.

A cultural show has been organized for the evening of the 23rd of June by the pre schoolers and other children of the village to show their appreciation for the foreign nationals .

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