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Landlords all
How serenely they here lie
So little a space they occupy
For some it's more than they had in life
Quite content and satisfied
Those that had sprawling estates
Rest, confined to a limited space
Those sunk in voluptuous riches
Repose now in watery ditches
They lie in the greatest bliss
That in life hadn't even an inch.
- Victor Peries

A speckled thrush with saucy eyes
That reflected crescent-moon shaped light,
Belonging by instinct to the meandering web of life,
Made its nest among the thorns
Deep in the heart of the hedgerow.
Downy bedding drowned the cries,
Of instant offspring, clamouring for a prize.
All spring she toiled,
Scouring for berries and obese grub,
And knew no rest,
Till they left the nest.
The brown blur of her bustling body,
Ceased to dot the air this summer
I guess she must have flown
To whomever such birds belong to in their final hour.
- Shivanthi Balasuriya

Never to be shared
What would you do if you see me
With another girl this way?
You asked me while holding me close...
I can share my laughter, I can share my joy
Even my clothes or my gold jewellery...
I can share my very own E-mail account
My best friend, even my private diary
I can share anything, almost everything on earth
But you belong totally to me.
- Anuradha Nadeeshani Ekanayake

Have you seen this God?
As joy
In your daily life.
As love
Of a father
Toiling, sweating
Catering to every need
Of the family.
As a mother
Giving up her all
To serve her own
At home.
Have you seen Him?
In the golden glory
Of the morning sunlight -
Sitting on fragrant gardenias?
Oh have you met this
Lord of Lords
In your daily life?
Glorious, gorgeous, sizzling,
Within you.
Belonging so closely
To you.
- Priscilla Pereira

Still alien
It was the age-old tale of loneliness.
A quest for love and tenderness,
In a cold distant land;
A foreign student yearning for a friend.
He found her - an orphan,
Growing up with cousins
And condescending aunts.
Affinity and affection
Bonded them...
Fully qualified, the young surgeon
Took her home,
To meet the Family.
Engulfed by relatives and patients,
The surgeon overcame his fear...
Saved his marriage and career.
Yet she remained aloof;
A stranger among his people.
She might bear a dozen sons,
But be an alien still...
- Jegatheeswari Nagendran

No one ever knew
Of this impossible symbiosis
Between you and me
How often have I thought
That you are more myself
Than I am.
Isn't it miraculous?
No! I guess not...
For it's the way you feel
Once you belong
To someone else
Then 'He' mirrors the perfected 'you'
And the division between
'You' and the 'other'
Vanishes into thin air,
And are merged together
And is replaced by oneness - us.
- Kavindi Abeysekera

Sex, dirt, diet and other myths
There are many myths associated with acne and three of the most common are: 1) acne is caused by dirt, so frequent cleansing will prevent or cure it; 2) sexual activity causes acne or makes it worse; and 3) eating the wrong foods causes acne. None of these are true.

Acne is not caused by dirt. You can have the cleanest skin in the world and still develop acne. Washing the face too often (especially with harsh, medicated, or abrasive cleansers) may make acne worse.

There is no relationship between acne and sexual activity. However, male sex hormones must circulate in the body for acne to occur, since androgenic hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands.

Diet does not have any significant effect on acne. There is no evidence that foods such as chocolate, potato chips, or other greasy foods and dairy products cause or aggravate acne. For example, eating greasy foods does not affect the skin's oiliness (which is due to the oil secreted by the skin's sebaceous glands).

The only foods that dermatologists may recommend acne patients avoid are foods with a high iodine content, such as shellfish, because excessive amounts of iodine may cause flare-ups of existing acne.

However, iodine should not be avoided altogether or a goitre may develop. Dermatologists simply recommend that acne patients have a well-balanced diet. However, if your acne gets worse when you eat a specific food, it is best to avoid that food.

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