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Koluu's passions
He's on the stage this weekend in Indu Dharmasena's 'Merry Wives of Colombo' but Koluu is best known for his food. Ishani Ranasinghe discovers his other loves

Food and anything to do with food is Koluu's main passion. Claiming that he likes all types of food, he says he was never fussy about his food, "As long as it is tasty, no problem." Koluu can eat food from anywhere, be it at a wayside kade, or tiny restaurant; as long as it has the goods it doesn't matter where. "I prefer the kade food over the others 'cos I have been to so many of these so-called hi-fi restaurants which have ornamental food that is at times not tasty."

Travelling is another passion of his and this also is associated with food. "I am not a sightseeing person, I just go to taste the food and see the market." He is also more into the fun side of things while travelling, the nightlife, observing things etc.

Talking of fun, yes, this is where his drag shows and acting come in. "Life is too short to be taken seriously. We are going to die soon," says he. "Therefore there's no need to get ambitious." He loves creating the outfits he wears for the drag shows and also getting dressed up for the shows. "Must make the outfit really ugly but not too ugly. It has to be on the border. It's the best way to get the reaction from the customer, the outfit. Then comes the size."

Cooking, an early passion, started off as a hobby, has now become his profession. His biggest achievement he says, is that he was able to take boys who had no training whatsoever and make them professionals.

"This gives me a real kick, to see how far they go and to see how they become successful in their own way."

"If my house was on fire, the only thing I will try to save is my cellular," says Koluu. But at the rate phones are being modernised, it's hard work keeping up, even for Koluu. Nevertheless, he loves having the latest phone.

He also loves pets "as long as some one else looks after them." The perfect pet for him would be a tan Labrador. "From the day I wanted one, there has been not one in Sri Lanka," he adds laughing.

Yet another one of his passions is to keep on opening new restaurants (Pansies at Duplication Road is his newest addition).

"I have always wanted to write a book that was funny." He promises that he will eventually do it. At the moment, he is in the middle of writing a cookery book. "I never have the time it finish it, actually I never make time."

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