Velu admits both himself and Green Man are in a mess
In his camp in the jungle, Velu was meeting Bala. The Supreme Commander has had a busy day, meeting Japanese, Norwegians and his own cadres...
"So, Thambi, what do I say now?" Bala asked.

"The usual reply, Bala..." Velu replied
"Which one?" Bala wanted to know, "Is it the usual story about how we are committed to a peaceful solution or is it the other story about our serious grievances not being redressed..."

"You can include all that in your statement," Velu said, "but we will also say that we are carefully considering options before taking a decision..."

"I have already said that our committees are meeting to take a decision..."
"What committees?" Velu asked, puzzled, "We don't have committees that take decisions.."

"I know," Bala said, "but I said so to give the impression that we are becoming more democratic. These foreign chaps will like that, you know. And besides, when an issue comes up, it gives us an excuse to play for time; we can always say that it has to be put to the committee..."

"I don't understand these things, Bala," Velu said, "but I don't want Tamilchelvam and Pottu Amman walking around thinking they take the decisions around here just because you have said something to impress the foreigners.."

"Alright, Thambi," Bala agreed, " I will say something that is vague and difficult to understand although I may have to copy one of GL's old statements to do that..."
"Why, you can even ask him to draft it for you, can't you?" Velu said, "everyone seems to think that you are such good friends now..."

"But Thambi," Bala said, "you still haven't answered my question..."
"What question is that?"
"What do we about going to Japan?"
"What about that?"
"Do we attend the meeting there or don't we?"

"Of course we do, Bala. How else are we going to find the money to spend on our areas?"
"Can I then announce that?" Bala wanted to know.
"Of course not, Bala," Velu said, "that would be a disaster..."
"What do we say, then?"

"All we say for now is that we are seriously considering the issue and would take a decision in due course depending on the response from Colombo to the many issues we have raised, including the relocation of Army camps. Your usual statement, you see..."

"And that way we put pressure on Colombo to give in to more of our demands just to get us go to Japan and tell everyone that the peace process is back on track..."
"Yes," Velu agreed, "take what is given and always ask for more..."

"But Thambi, " Bala said, "we can't go on like this for long..."

"Of course we can," Velu said, "Don't you see, now even Satellite and the Southerner are pleading for the talks to be resumed..."

"But won't they realise that we are taking them for a ride?"

"They might, but whenever they start to think we are really committed to peace we sink a Navy boat or do away with an informant, and the whole story starts all over again..."
"Its a good plan," Bala said, "but you haven't fooled one person..."
"And who is that?"

"The Green Man," Bala said, "he has already announced that he is sure the talks will resume..."

"That's true," Velu agreed, "but he can't do much about it, can he? He is in this mess as much as I am..." Bala didn't want to disagree.

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