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Be cool in a crisis
We all have something in common - problems. "Problems come to everyone, we cannot escape and run, better meet them face to face and solve them one by one.'

What is important is the way you handle it and that's what makes us different from each other. The ultimate solution is the most important and it can have a great impact on our lives.

The first and most important step is not to take decisions as and when a problem pops up. It is not always the right time. We could end up taking the wrong decision, which we might regret later. Give it time, sleep on it, go for a walk or watch your favourite movie. It will help you to get out of your bad/unhappy mood and will help in choosing the most appropriate decision.

Problems arise mostly due to high hopes. We have to accept whatever we get and we need to be prepared for anything. We should always look into the good and bad sides of anything as it gives us a chance to be prepared. It is almost like we need to do the best always but should not expect the best in return.

Also remember that pain nourishes courage; you can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happening to you.
K. Wickramatunga

The Gamble
Oh what a gamble this is I wonder
It is not entirely with money you do it
Not with lives, but with just another person
A person you choose to be your partner.
I mean the great gamble of marriage.
If things go wrong you suffer and there is no end to it
Winning brings endless joy, happy anniversaries
You gamble, you take the chance
You decide on a person and start a life
The person you choose can turn to be an angel
Or a wicked witch, no one can say
What the gamble of marriage
Will bring you at the end.
Manel Chandrasena

I can still remember the time I first saw you, in the spring of my life.
Your attractive smile, sweet face, shining eyes and melodious voice
My dear darling, you were the dream princess of mine, you made me very happy.
You hardly visited me and then left my world for good, hurting me.
You shunned me, my hopes are in vain, but I shall never curse you.
I've tried and tried so hard to forget you
You may not know that my sensitive poetic heart keeps crying
But it doesn't matter, forget me, I will be happy, if you are fine.
Lt. Tharindu Weerasinghe

It poured from my eyes
You may have different names
In your books.
Dew, mirage, moisture
Fog, mist, rainbow and rain.
Those are mine, yes
You may have different names
In your books,
Oceans, rivers
Streams, brooks and creeks.
Again I say it to you
Those are mine.
Then you may ask why?
I swear to give you an answer
Because of the fading
Nimal Priyasiri Silva


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