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'Melody In Love'
The popular movie "Melody in Love" will be screened at the New Olympia, Maradana from March 28. Melody O' Bryan, Sascha Hehn, Claudine Bird, Wolf Golden and Scarlett Cunden star in this film.

The movie is directed by Hurbert Frand and the story is based on a adventure on a remote island vacation for a beautiful girl. At the beginning of her vacation, MODOLY takes a plane to the Isle of Maurice. Where her charming cousin RACHEL is expecting her.

RACHEL'S husband OCTAVIO is far away on diving station. MELODY is told that both are leading a wide open Marriage that each of them has intimate friends in order to pleasantly overcome the long separations caused by their professions - RACHEL is lecturer at the University.

RACHEL is expecting a visitor for the weekend, her lover ALAIN. MELODY is jealous. ALAIN on purpose left alone with MELODY by Rachel is startled to find that MELODY is a very special and charmful young lady. Contrary to his usual appearance. ALAIN seems gentle almost clumsy and embarrassed.

MELODY in her beauty and innocence loses her shyness and expands like rosebud eager to catch the first sun glance. RACHEL amused by their odd behaviour, does not miss her target. Even if her moves are not plain to see her assistance is wanted and helpful.

Then OCTAVIO emerges......

French- Lanka Film Festival

Second annual French-Sri Lankan Film Festival will be held from April 2 to 8 at the Elphinston theatre.

The first French-Sri Lankan film festival was held last June at the Alliance FranÁaise of Colombo and the House of Arts.

Encouraged by its success, the festival is to be held annually on a larger scale by combining some of the best French and Sri Lankan cinematographic creations that have been highly appreciated in their respective cultural contexts.
The main aim of this event is to promote understanding and respect for the unique identity of each otherís culture.

The festival is organized by the Embassy of France in Sri Lanka and the National Film Corporation together with the Alliance Francaise of Colombo.

The weekly TV magazine "BONSOIR" too acts as a showcase of French and Sri Lankan culture. The French-Sri Lankan Film Festival 2003 also aims to promote understanding and respect for the unique identity of each other's culture.

'Aswesuma' on latest digital format
Benette Ratnayake's award winning film, 'Aswesuma' has been released on Visual Compact Disc (VCD) and Digital Video Disc (DVD) format.

This is the first time in Sri Lankan film history, that a local film has been made available in the latest digital technological form. Released by Torana Home Video, it is available island wide including in Majestic City and Liberty Plaza.

Sarath Kotelawela of Torana has taken the responsibility of ddistribution all over the world.

Meanwhile, the film is slated for screening in several countries including India, Bangladesh and England.

From March 18 to 22 the film will be screened at the Bangalore International Film festival. Aswesuma also will be screened at the Bangladesh film festival and later at the London Provocative Film Festival.

The film won the Special Jury Award at 7th Dhaka IFF.

Among the international awards the film has won are Platinum Award for the Best First Feature at the 34th Houston IFF, Special Jury Award (Fipresci) by Federation of International Film Critics at the 4th Mumbai IFF and was an entry at Moscow, Montreal and Kerala film festivals.

'Aswesuma' revolving around an elderly man who regrets certain events in his past life and displays his struggle to relieve the bottled up feelings which had disturbed him throughout his life. Opening with the funeral of the elderly Guneris' wife the film relives his past which full of several tragic events including a triple murder he had committed 52 years ago.

In the cast are internationally acclaimed Joe Abeywickrema, Jackson Anthony, Sangeetha Weeraratne, Ravindra Randeniya, Mahendra Perera, Douglas Ranasinghe, Hemasiri Liyanage, Indrajith Navinna, Saumaya Liyanage and Gamini Hettiarachchi.

'Samanalayano': A tale of love

By Susitha R. Fernando
Samanalayano revolves around a love theme and how this young middle-aged love invariably gives rise to dramatic conflict and controversies as the plot thickens and the way the families of both parties get involved.

Devapura (Palitha Silva) an editor of a national newspaper knows the vagaries and realities of human beings because of his work experience. He is married to Jayangani (Maureen Charuni) a widow with one child. His wife reveres him more like a god than treat him like a husband.

Bimali (Anjula Rajapakse), Jayangani's daughter is a nurse in a government hospital. She is in love with Primal (Ravindra Rajapakse) who is studying art and plan to get married one day.

Sankapura (Ananda Wickremage) Primal's father works in the same office as Devapura and both fathers are happy at the prospect of marriage between their children. Yet Primal has misgivings about Bimali due to the deep affection she has for her foster father Devapura. Primal shows his displeasure regarding this relationship.

Anju (Thamara Dilrukshi) an art teacher married to a doctor (Roger Seneviratne) is having marital problems. The main reason being incompatibility.

Anju has a deep affection for Primal for she realizes his potential as a student of art. There are times she takes this affection further and confides in Primal about her unhappy marriage and Primal in turn sympathises with her and gradually starts to care for her.

Devapura fears for his daughter when he sees the relationship between Primal and his teacher. Seing Bimali downcast he goes to meet Anju for Bimaliís sake and pleads with her to give up Primal.

Realizing and sympathising with the deep affection between father and daughter Anju decides to accede to Devapura's request and cools off. Though this results in Primal hating Anju a new situation arises in Devapura and Anju starting an affair.

Bimali and Primal are brought together once more with Primal's brother, Madhawa's (Pradeep Kumara Uduwela) help. Bimali tries to save her father from Anju's clutches. Jayangani though feeling dejected decides to set her husband free for she thinks that it is right.

Will Devapura return to his faithful; and loving wife? Or choose to stay with his true love?

You will find the answers as you view Samanalayano every Monday at Swarnavahini starting from March 17.

Sanath Abeysekara, scriptwriter and director of Samanalayano speaking on his twelfth teleplay says that his latest teledrama was on a different theme.

It is a story which depicts a teacher whose love was misunderstood by her pupil.

The teacher appreciates the extreme talent of this young boy but he understands it differently, Sanath said. Nowadays we come across so many similar stories which are not revealed in the media. I just made this issue into a miniplay he added.

Others in the cast are Mali Jayaweerage, Chathurika Peiris, Kusum Maldeniya, Chathurika Peiris and Viraj Dandeniya.

World's Theatre Day

'The World's Theatre Day' which falls on March 27, will be marked with a series of seminars, video shows and a drama festivals, from March 24 to 27 in Colombo.

The theatre forms in England, Germany, US, France, China, Japan and India will be discussed in Sinhalese at the Elphinston theatre starting from 10 am daily during this period. In addition video footage to suit to the subjects will also be shown following the talks.

Theatre fans will also be treated to a show of award winning dramas at John De Silva Memorial Theatre starting from 6 am every day. The event includes some children's dramas with, Rajitha Dissanayake's "Weeraya Merila" being staged on March 25. Meanwhile four short dramas including one in Tamil are scheduled to be staged on March 26.

Minister Karunasena Kodituwakku will participate in the celebration on the last day at Elphinstone theatre.

This will be a unique occasion as it would bring those who are interested in Tamil and Muslim theatre together with the participation of Tamil Drama Subcommittee and Muslim Aesthetic Subcommittee in the celebration. Tandurk Dorast, a German novelist and a dramatist will deliver a talk on the World Theatre Day on the invitation of International Theatre Institute (ITI).

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