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Cricket World Cup 2003: What the stars foretell…
Most celebrities cry out that 'Kalu' should have been there.....
By Ramesh Uvais
The heat is on. The countdown has begun as the nation starts to prepare for the ultimate sporting event - the 2003 Cricket World Cup.

The country is abuzz with the billion dollar question: Will Sri Lanka recapture the glory of 1996?

Millions of hearts thud, all in anticipation of high drama on the cricket field. All the drudgery of daily living will be forgotten - at least temporarily - as our 11 on-field heroes get ready to face the acid test.

We spoke to some shining stars for their views - the high points, low points and silly points - on the most looked forward to sporting event.

Sri Lanka's most popular film star, Sangeetha Weeraratne, fresh from her honeymoon says like films, cricket - especially the one day version - is undoubtedly another form of entertainment.

"Sanath, Murali, Aravinda, Kalu and Sangakkara are my personal favourites and I never miss to watch a match whenever Sri Lanka plays, even though I am shooting. Whenever that swashbuckling Sanath -Kalu combination walked into the field, my stomach would be coiled with tension. I'd promptly close my eyes as they take the guard, fearing that one of them might get out if I watched".

"It is really unfortunate for us that Kalu is not in the team or even in the squad, despite showing considerably good form. How funny that he scored 92 and 192 in the first club match just after he was sent back from South Africa recently."

"We must that our team is pretty unpredictable, but I pray and hope from the bottom of my heart that our boys will come back with that all-important cup".

My message to the team: Go, get it guys. You can do it!

Silver screen's most popular hero Ranjan Ramanayake confessing that he hardly finds time to watch cricket matches, says that the World Cup cricket tournament would however change his daily itinerary.

"Certainly my eating, drinking habits are going to change as the cricket fever reaches its peak".

"I have some close buddies in our team like Chaminda Vaas and Romesh Kaluwitharana. It is tragic that Kalu who had played in two world cup tournaments could not find a place in the team or even in the world cup squad. He should have been in the team but we all know that the selectors verdict is final."

"Sri Lanka's 1996 world cup victory still remains high among my most memorable memories. The entire country was in raptures when Arjuna led his team to the unbelievable feat. That was truly magical".

"My message to the team: All the best. Fight to the finish!

The country's comedy king, Captain Cool Tennyson Cooray maintains seriously that the mentality of our players should be solidified before expecting miracles from them.

"Unlike players in other countries, most of our boys cannot boast of a permanent place in the team. Whenever they get an opportunity to play it comes under close scrutiny pressurising them immensely. With this sort of mentality I don't think they could play their natural game".

"The case of Kalu is a fine example. He knows that the authorities expect wonders whenever he gets that rare chance and that prevents him from playing his natural game. It is sad that players of his calibre and others are tested in that manner."

" I rate Arjuna, Aravinda, Sanath, Kalu as cricket stars who are household names around the world. The entire Sri Lankan team has seen my drama" Captain Cool".

"I feel that talented players deserve chances irrespective of their school, family or political affiliations. Even a boy from Dambane or Colombo 7 should be given equal opportunity if he is talented."

My message to the team: Play to win. I pray that Sanath and his team would drive straight to bring the cup to Sri Lanka.

Popular vocalist Mariazelle Gunatileke of Kandy Lamissi fame, strangely hopes that the upcoming world cup matches would help her shed some of her excess weight.

"I became an ardent cricket fan because of my son and I still learn more from him. I think our chances of winning the cup stands at about 60%, but obviously I hope and pray that we win the cup. You know sometimes, prayers also do get answered."

" I know my eating, drinking and sleeping schedules will definitely change as I glue myself to the TV and who knows as a result I might lose a few pounds."

"Though I like the whole team, Murali stands out as my favourite. I have met most of them."

My message to the team: Cricket is a gentleman's game, so play it well and bring back the cup!

Popular stage, teledrama, film actor and Swarnawahini's Creative Director Jackson Anthony stresses that like cricket our country should strive to build a culture for cinema, drama and literature too.

"Today cricket is a craze all over the country because there is a cricket culture which was built after we won the world cup in 1996. But even before that, the late Gamini Dissanayake took great pains to bring cricket to this level. Today if a cricketer injures a thumb, the news would get through even to the remotest part of the country but if one of our films wins the best award in Asia, the news may not go that far. This is why I say that we need a film culture in this country. Like the late Mr. Dissanayake somebody has to lay the foundation with far reaching visions".

"I am also a cricket fan and so is my family. My father is so fond of cricket and has a habit of applying oil on the TV screen from the lamp we have lit before the statue of Jesus Christ when our matches are telecast. He believes that would bless the team towards a victory. It is the same in villages too. I know people making special vows in temples and kovils seeking victory for our team."

My message to the team: We cheer you from our homes. So play well and bring the cup home!

Top fashion designer Rozanne Diaz believes that cricket is a game of luck and that teamwork is the key for success.

"We tend to expect too much from Sanath and Murali, but in cricket, I feel that individual brilliance will not always click. According to the current form I see Australia and West Indies as strong contenders but Sri Lanka with their talent should take the cake if they strive hard".

" I am really sorry that the vital component, Romesh Kaluwitharana is not in the team. He is a great source of encouragement to the team and dishes out some fine entertainment to fans when he plays. I love to see him on fire. That thundering Sanath-Kalu combination will always remain in my memory."

" I hope and pray that our team returns with the cup".

My message to the team: Go, get it guys. The entire country is behind you!

Sirasa's Programmes chief and talk-machine Kingsley Ratnayake - a product of the school that produced world cup winning captain Arajuna Ranatunga - says though the team is going through a lean phase now, with a bit of luck we should see them doing wonders.

" Our morale level now is about 75% and with another 25% of luck, we should click well. Heavy responsibilities lie on key players like Sanath, Murali, Aravinda and Marvan and I think even Mahela can also play a major role."

" Regarding the team's combination, of course I wish to reserve my comments but I can't help mentioning about the non-inclusion of Kalu and Upul Chandana. My personal feeling is that we have not sent a balanced team. Of course, like the entire country I am also really going to be addicted to the TV once the matches start. Of course, my daily schedules are certainly going to be dictated by the match schedules.".......

Kingsley Ratnayake further said "Another unfortunate thing I see is that big money is pumped into the game ranging from sponsorships to match fees and I fear whether selfishness would some day overtake sportsmanship due to this reason."

My message to the team: Fight to the last. Play your game well putting up spirited efforts!

Apsaras leader and popular vocalist M. Mohanraj says cricket is a team game and all must put in their best to achieve success.

"I have close friends in the team. Sanath and I were conferred with doctorates by an international university in 1997. I was accorded for achievements in music while Sanath got it for sports. But we both don't use it before our names."

"We have a talented side and if all clicks well we should beat the unbeatables to clinch the coveted cup. My schedules are definitely going to change according to match times."

My message to the team: Nothing is impossible. We want to see you emerge as champs!

Popular vocalist and ex-cricketer Ishaq Baig, who has played for Zahira College, Colombo, Tamil Union and Moors says that losing matches is ok but they should go down with dignity.

"As a Sri Lankan I want to see our team returning with the cup. But even if you lose you should do so fighting. It's so sad to see our team buckling in without a fight. Sanath, Murali and Vaas can make a big difference on their day."

"I have so many friends in the team and I've played with Arjuna, Aravinda, Hashan and Asanka. I love to watch Kaluwitharana at the crease. He is a real entertainer and it's a pity and surprise that he's not in the team."

" Cricketers are great music lovers and most of our players love my father's songs. Hashan's favourite is 'Sinahawen Ho Kathawen Be'".

My message to the team: Show the world the class Sri Lankans are made of. We like to see our national flag fluttering!

Dream Team Manager and the schoolmate of Kalu, Malcolm Perera said he always believes that the Lankan team is capable of beating any cricketing side in the world. "And I am sure they will do wonders at the coming World Cup. It is indeed an unfortunate moment that our friend 'Kalu' is not playing in the tournament. But he can come back to the team with a boom like he always did." Malcolm said.

My message to the team: You can do it boys

Does lightning strike twice? Do miracles really take place? They did in 1996, turning the world of cricket upside down…and why not in 2003?

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'Sudu Kalu Saha Alu' Depicts the futility of war
By Susitha R. Fernando
Reputed and award winning teledrama director Sudath Mahaadivulwewa is on the threshold of entering the celluloid world with his maiden attempt "Sudu Kalu Alu" (Black, White and Ash ).

This film is now being filmed at a specially built village in a location 'Kalu Visa Pokuna' in Anuradhapura.

A talented group including the director, Sudath Mahaadivulwewa has formed themselves in to a "Cine Shilpa" which consists of a full-time vocational media team made of scholars and academics with wide research exposure on soci-economic, cultural and human rights aspects including displaced people. Travelling far and wide throughout the island during the past twelve years, they have collected material for documentaries and social-audio-visual works.

"In our endeavour, we have not only come across various types of people, but also been able to have live discussions and dialogues on their long felt needs and matters most concerning them" said the spokesman of the group.

Moreover our attention has been focused on studying the affected communities and individuals who have been exposed to the same kind of problems and tragedies under different conditions.

He elaborated 'all our research information and experiences particularly gained through living-in methodology reveals that all the social miseries and the human tragedies of our society are having one single root cause that is the senseless cruel war that has engulfed our entire nation over period of twenty years.

The objective of our attempt is to present this tragedy of our society thus opening a deep intellectual discourse on the damage, caused by the war to us both within and outside our country" he said stating the objectives of Cine Shilpa.

In the light of the above, we seriously believe the film "Sudu Kalu Alu" is the need of the hour and therefore justifies the reasons as to why we wanted to make this film.

We do not deny the fact that there were many creative attempts to highlight the negative impact of war in Sri Lanka through the audio-visual media in the recent past.

Thus we feel it is of vital importance to place human drama and the "aspects of humanity" in the 'spot light', leaving the battleground actions in the 'back-drop'.

This celluloid experience will reach the areas either unknown or deliberately forgotten by both the government of Sri Lanka and the non-governmental aid agencies both local and international, as these people cannot be compensated through the basket of relief, aid and assistance aimed at them.

As a result the theme in the film is essentially to speak about the lives of people who have lost the colour in their lives.

In a nutshell this is what Sudu Kalu Alu has to say ;

"When war snatches the lives of this world, it rids the world of its colour, hence the surviving people, neither living nor dead, are left with the shades of ash.

This story talks of such people, the souls who have not been given the opportunity to die, nor the pleasure to live. Material destruction caused by war and rampage is measurable, but the destruction caused to the minds of the victims and their lifestyle is infinite".

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