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50 grand years for Maurice
By D.B. Kappagoda
Maurice Dahanayake has launched a series of concerts to celebrate 50 years of his musical career as a well known singer. He has called his concerts 'Onna Olu Malak' which he began in his home town Galle on July 26, 2002.

He was spotted by the maestro Suriya Shankar Molligoda who was his teacher of music at Ananda College in the early 40s.

Suriya Shankara's memorable rendering of his own composition "akke, akke, ara balannako, wessak nove enne and also 'karuna nadiye besa yamu" created in indelible mark on young Maurice to take to his singing as a career interspersed with acting on the stage and also on the silver screen. It was the time when the Sinhala film industry was in its infancy.

Speaking on his background Maurice was candid, "after I met Susil Premaratne who stated my career as a singer, then Shelton Premaratne who moulded me to blossom. Late Mohamed Sally showed him the way to become an accomplished singer in our midst.

The success came on his way when he joined in singing with the duo Chitra and P.L.A. Somapala in singing over Radio Ceylon. After grading our singer Prof. Ratnajankar Maurice was able to fall into B grade artiste.

Maurice's 'Badila Prema Bamme, Nobala Keseda Inne' captivated the young with the rendering of this melody. This was in the year 1954. His other song 'Onna Olu Malak Nil Diya Matha Pavela' sung in 1958 became a popular song and Maurice along with H.R. Jothipala, J.A. Milton Perera, Mohideen Baig, Chandra de Silva, Latha, Dharmadasa Walpola, Sisira Senaratne, Indrani Wijebandara, Haroon Lanthra, C.T. Fernando, M.S. Fernando and Sri Lal Upasena contributed a great deal in the development of Sinhala music.

His song, "Sudo Poddak Adanna" in which lyrics were written by Cyil A. Seelawimala and music by Patrick Denipitiya became a popular hit.

Maurice Dahanayake's first film was "Rasa Mihiri Katha Singethi Sina Sudage Muhune led him to act along with Gamini Fonseka in M. Masthar's film "Soora Chauriya". This was followed in other films Dheewaraya, Hondin Inna, Adare Hithanawa Dakkama.

In the latter film, Maurice sang "Muthu Mitak Piri Athe Mal Godak". Maurice sang set to the music by P.L.A. Somapala and words by Karunaratna Abeysekera.

Maurice became popular singer because of this clear rendering of the compositions by the leading lyric writers of the day. Without any formal voice training by any veteran teachers of music, Maurice was able to use his inherent talent.

With the soft music played by players using musical instruments sans electronic music instruments the voice became clear and crispy that appealed to the ear of the listener. His was the voice that came from within his heart without any effort.

It was a spontaneous way of singing that touched the heart and mind. The journey that Maurice has traversed won the platitudes of the young and old to become one of their favourite singers of our times.

'Sri Lankans in Concert' with Kreators
The musical group 'Kreators' will hold their debut concert in April to celebrate the beginning of 'Kreators Productions', their own entertainment company.

This concert is named "Sri Lankans in Concert" and the venue will be the BMICH on April 25.

The 'Kreators'will take the lime-light at this musical extravaganza to celebrate their third year in music scene. "Sri Lankans in Concert" will also feature Bathiya and Santhush, Stigmata, Urban Sounds, Kasun Indrachapa will do guest spots at this concert. Also the well known dancer Ravi Bandu Vidyapathi with Harsha Makalanda and Nason Thyagarajah will do a stint of fusion music session to create an impact on the sounds of Sri Lanka. Traditional Sinhala and Tamil drums with western instruments will be used for this session. Also this session will show the original music of "Kreators',which with they started their music career.

"Sri Lankans in Concert" is jointly organized with the Rotaract Club of Cinnamon Gardens and the Interact Club of St. Joseph's College. The Organizing Committee is planning to do this concert in aid of "Polio plus project" which is carried out by Rotary International.

The Organizing Committee Board comprises of five members-Firzan Mulafer, Ashiq Ameinudeen, Chris Fernandopulle, Suhitha Karunanayake and Roshan Yaheya, the leader of "Kreators".

Roshan Yaheya, the leader is a vocalist and a flute player of the band. The others are Sajith Nimantha (Vocalist). He is an ex-member of Dream Team. Chamika Senanayake, the keyboardist, Dinesh Perera the, flutist, Ramesh Silva, drummer and the Kandyan drummer, Kasun Chandrasiri are the other members of "Kreators". He plays thabla and percussion. Finally Harsha Perera is the lead guitarist.

"Kreators" will release their first single in the coming album at the end of this month.

'Dancer's Ball 2002' in Kandy
"Discipline should be maintained on the Dance Floor". With this objective Mr. Prince Ratnam, a well known instructor and a singer came all the way to Kandy, to teach the Kandyan youth and adults the disciplinary art of dancing which is known as "Ballroom Dancing."

Mr. Ratnam established his dancing school in Kandy seven years ago. Every year he has an increasing number of students which is a mixture of both young and old. This brings out the fact that he has captured the people of Kandy by his dancing techniques, and this also signifies that people are ready to learn and master this beautiful art

For the second consecutive year the committee of the Prince Ratnam School of Dancing organised and elegant event "The Dancer's Ball 2002" which was recently held at the Queens Hotel, Ballroom. Though this was named as above many outsiders graced the occasion, which proved that this kind of an event is welcomed.

Mr. Ratnam himself commenced the evening with a chacha, followed by the Jaiv, Waltz, Samba and quick step. Mr. Ratnam and his committee did not forget the most loved dance by our society the Baila and the Baila competition which added more life to the floor. The evening was filled with many exciting events. The most exciting out of all was the choosing of "The Queen of the Ball" which went out to the most beautiful and charming lady of the night.

The ladies and gentlemen who graced the occasion were dressed in style and elegance which enhanced the colour of the event.

Still in my mind rings the final words said by Mr. Clifford Richards at dawn, "that all good things come to an end....." . With these words dancers ball 2002 came to an end, with refreshed and new plans for dancers ball 2003.


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