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Still on top and having fun
In the fickle world of pop music, Westlife have already exceeded the shelf lives of a dozen much-hyped bands. But with four years at the top of the charts, the five Westlife lads - whose average age is just 22 - insist that they are looking forward to a long and rosy future.

The Irish phenomena launched their fourth album - a move, they admit, that many thought would prove to be their swansong. However, the fact that they recently signed a contract with BMG music for five new albums, at a reported £20million, suggests that the boy band will be around for some time to come.

The five Westlife stars - Nicky Byrne, 24, Shane Filan, 23, Bryan McFadden, 22, Kian Egan, 22, and Mark Feehily, 22 - are currently preparing to embark on a new world tour next spring. In the meantime, they got a taste of the adulation that invariably greets their live appearance with a whirlwind visit to Kuala Lumpur. Here they celebrated the Asian launch of their album, Unbreakable - The Greatest Hits Vol. 1, which contains all their hits as well as six new songs.

Over just a few days in the Malaysian capital, Westlife managed to pack in a concert for tens of thousands of fans, a charity game of football, a score of interviews, a spot of indoor 'skydiving', and a couple of rounds of golf.

One of the many entertainments laid on for the Irish visitors was indoor 'skydiving', which imitates the thrilling sensation of free falling through the sky - but in a giant wind tunnel, with no need for a parachute. Brave Bryan was the first Westlife member to volunteer for the experience at the Gentling - City of Entertainment complex, which is around 50 kilometres outside of Kuala Lumpur.

However, even more thrilling for some of the band members was when they donned football jerseys to take on Malaysian Rockers United, a team comprising local rock artistes, in a charity soccer match at the country's National Stadium. The boys had already performed seven of their songs for the thousands of fans at the event, which was billed as the Westlife Showcase and Soccer Extravaganza.

Nicky, especially, relished the opportunity to show off his football skills. Before joining Westlife, the Dubliner had played for Leeds United, but his dreams of becoming a professional were shattered when he was told he was too short. At 5ft 10in, he stands six inches shorter than England keeper David Seaman.

Although he quickly found fame with his other passion, music, Nicky clearly hasn't lost his love of the sport. "It was just amazing," he says of the soccer match in Malaysia. "Manchester United had played at the National Stadium in Kuala Lumpur too, a few weeks previously, and there we were in the large stadium I've ever seen, singing, and then playing football." Thousands of smitten girls turned out to cheer on the Westlife boys at the match - despite the fact that only two of the band members, Kark and Kian, are currently single.

While marriage rumours for Shane and Gillian have been in the air for some time, the couple are not yet officially engaged.

So dramatic has Westlife's success been that the stars, who are all multimillionaires, need never do another day's work in their lives. However, it's clear the lads love their job.
- (Courtesy Hello)

Authentic German cuisine from the German Restaurant
By Thiruni Kelegama
Launched over 20 years ago, the German Restaurant has always been renowned for their delectable specialities such as Alt Heidelberg Topf, Mixed Grill, La Bavarian, 1/2 Weiner Backhendi, Hahnchenbrust Kiev mit Hrauerbutter m Bratkartoffeln und Salat and desserts such as 'Schokoladenpudding' and Apfelstrudel.

In English, this would be Pork and Beef Fillets on Baked Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables, Mixed Grill in Bavarian style, Half of a fried chicken Vienna, French fries, Chicken a la Kiev, baked potatoes and salad and desserts such as Chocolate Mousse and Apple Strudel.

The German Restaurant, which is one of the oldest and most popular restaurants, was the first restaurant to offer authentic German cuisine in Colombo. The restaurant, which is located in Galle Face court, has its own special ambience with dim lights, and unique tables made out of mara wood. This is complemented by an authentic German menu, which has survived the test of time by retaining the quality, and the very generous potions that has been the cornerstone to the success of this cosy and quaint restaurant in the heart of Colombo.

"We have a Theme night every Thursday," said Mr. Carlo Murcott, the General Manager of the German Restaurant who has been in the industry for over 28 years. "The band in attendance is Misty and one is guaranteed of good food and quality entertainment always."

The German Restaurant is also renowned for their wide selection of a variety of beers, adds Mr. Murcott. "We have over twenty different kinds of beer thus making us very popular with our loyal customers."

However, the German Restaurant does not only serve authentic German food. "We introduced vegetarian meals and seafood meals, so as to serve a larger clientele. Our sea-food specialities range from foods such as Grilled Seer with Bearnaise Sauce, Crumb Fried Medallion Seer Fish with Tyrolienne sauce, sauted vegetables in cream and roast potatoes and Lobster Thermidor."

The vegetarian menu consists of foods such Eggplant Moussaka served with Buttered Spaghetti, fancy cut grilled vegetables with tomato Concasse, served with sauted rice and Cauliflower Mornay served with Homemade Noodles, he elaborated.

The German Restaurant is also famous for the Oktoberfest they have every year. "Oktoberfest is all about three days of fun, and would be a celebration of German food and beer. "One would definitely get the feeling that they were in Bavaria!" explains Mr. Murcott.

Having celebrated their twentieth anniversary last year, the German restaurant plans to 'officially celebrate' this year. "We will ask all our customers to come in, and we will serve our usual menu but a pleasant surprise will await them." They will only have to pay the price they had to pay when we originally launched our restaurant. It would be our way of thanking our customers for patronizing us for over a period of twenty years."

Lankan teen represents Australia on world stage
A Sri Lankan teenager in Australia was selected to represent Australia and address the general assembly at the model United Nations held in The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) in the Netherlands this January. Chaturanga Bandaranayake is studying at the Erskine Park High School, New South Wales, Australia. He won the School Medal for 2002 for his academic achievements and leadership skills.

In awarding the School Medal for 2002, the Principal of Erskine Park High School said "This year's awardee has brought great honour to Erskine Park High School and is a proud member of our community. Strong academically, with outstanding leadership skills, he has always become involved in every aspect of school life. The same commitment has extended to the community by extensive involvement in activities to make the community a better place for young people."

"Further, the recipient has a social conscience well beyond his years. He has shown great concern for people less fortunate than himself. He has publicly expressed his concerns to all young people at many schools everywhere he has been invited to address."

"He has, this year, brought great credit to himself, his family and the school. He won the Minister's Award for Excellence for Outstanding Achievement in years 11 and 12 and has had his skills in public speaking and awareness of the contemporary world recognised by his selection as an Australian Delegate to the Hague International Model United Nations Conference."

He has also been the proud recipient of Minister's Award in Excellence, which is the top award in N.S.W. for education and all round activities, Leadership Medal, Dux Medal and Erskine Park School Medal.

Erskine Park High School history teacher Bob Treasure said the delegates to the United Nations Youth Conference (UNYC) were themselves drawn from State Conferences that drew more than 1000 young people from various schools - public, private, selective and comprehensive - from around the country Australia."

Mr Treasure said that delegates were selected for THIMUN on the basis of their outstanding public speaking, negotiating, diplomacy and research skills as well as their knowledge of the UN and global issues, social skills and enthusiasm.

Chaturanga Banadaranayake is a son of Yasas and Nadeera Bandaranayake of St. Clair, N.S.W. who are domiciled in Australia since 1991. Both of them are old students of Science College, Matale.

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