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A blending of two cultures
By Ishani Ranasinghe

Rukshan, Ranga and Sum Pic by Athula Devapriya

Afusion of two different cultures, a blend of two different styles of music, jazz and hip-hop...one album.

CharlesMark will team up with a group of people from the band Zardas and come together as one production team to release an album, which will be produced by Ranga Dassanayake of Hit Factory.

Rukshan Lokuge and Bertram Charles are no strangers to the music scene, already having made their mark here in Sri Lanka. CharlesMark's past achievements include making inroads into the Sun FM Top 40. Having put out singles in the past, releasing an album will be a first for them.

Zardas, a band based in New Zealand is an exciting new ensemble combining violin, guitar, bass and drums who, during the past few months jazzed up the nights of Sri Lanka. This album would not be a first for them as they have launched albums that have proved to be successful.

"I first saw Zardas on television and I thought it was really cool how they mixed Sinhala music," said Rukshan Lokuge of CharlesMark. He went on to say that Zardas had something different and an unique flavour that deserved to be brought out and highlighted. "It was also clear that they were the best group of people for live recordings." Thereafter, Rukshan approached them with the idea of coming together and releasing an album and they agreed to team up with CharlesMark and form a band dedicated to the project.

"This album will be a step further from the concert we had at Tower Hall," says Sri Lankan born Sum Samaraweera, a member of Zardas. Having really liked the idea and seeing how high the producing standards were, they were all quite eager to be a part of it. "They were also the best people to work with for such a project."

They have already started working on the album, which is yet to be named. Consisting of original tracks, the majority in Sinhala while a few are to be in English, the album promises to be a blend of hip-hop and jazz, combining Sri Lankan traditional tunes to it. The influence of the two cultures that are fused together for this album will spice it all up. The recording is scheduled to start middle of this year when the others fly back to Sri Lanka from New Zealand. They hope to complete it and launch it by the end of the year, both here in Sri Lanka and New Zealand.

"We are not expecting any money from this, we also hope that we don't lose any," said Sum. "We are all looking forward to this project and pretty excited about it," they say with their eyes twinkling. "Launching this album is a step to take music out of Sri Lanka and show the world what we are capable of."

Colombo Jewellery Stores offers you a chance to dazzle
By Thiruni Kelegama
Jewellery fired with passion, to dazzle, to seduce and to mesmerize.

Colombo Jewellery Stores is a well-known name. "Since February 6, 1922, when Colombo Jewellery Stores was launched by Thaha Cassim, we have managed to maintain a reputation for high quality precious stones and jewellery," says Mr. Akram Cassim, a partner of the firm.

"From a bounty of precious stones unearthed in Sri Lanka, we pick the best for export and for our own creations," he adds.

"The diamonds and rubies set in our jewellery are carefully selected from around the world. The patterns and shapes of nature inspire our designs while state of the art technology and skilled craftsmanship bring them to life."

Colombo Jewellery Stores has been amongst the leading retail jewellers in Colombo over the past 80 years.

Stocking the latest trends in jewellery along with a wide selection of gems, they have been backed by excellence in craftsmanship and a reputation for good quality and service.

"We have exclusive crafted jewellery in gold and white gold, set with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and pearls. One of a kind designs turned out by master craftsmen," explains Mr. Cassim when asked the reason for their success.

"We have a vast collection of all varieties of gems and a wide array of South Sea pearls, which is what we specialize in, along with diamond encrusted jewellery."

Their speciality, the South Sea pearls, are from Australia. "The gold hue on these pearls," Mr. Cassim points out an array of gold coloured pearls, "is natural. This is because of the gold hue of the oyster shell."

"And likewise there is the black pearl, which is taken from the oyster with a black hue."

Colombo Jewellery Stores is also renowned for their gold jewellery. "Gold is a metal which somehow manages to wield tremendous power," says Mr. Cassim.

"It is also the substance that speaks to the heart, lighting up your mind, gently caressing your soul."

"Our gold jewellery is inspired by designs of nature and geometry, and we try to make each design as different as possible. Some are diamond studded, and each piece is definitely a work of art."

They are also known for their platinum jewellery, which ignites the white-hot fires of passion.

"Platinum jewellery is sophisticated and elegant," says Mr. Cassim trying to explain the fascination many people have for platinum jewellery.

A cluster of blue sapphires, a combination of fiery red rubies, and cool aquamarine, sapphires in a shade of champagne - all in all a constellation of sparkling gems.

They are fashioned into eardrops, brooches, necklaces, and rings - and each one excludes an unique charm and reflects a character of its own.

Over the years, Colombo Jewellery Stores has earned the trust of the most demanding and discerning buyers world over and one can see why when looking at their amazing selection of jewellery.

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