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'Chakraangee': A tale of a fallen Walauwa
By Susitha R. Fernando
The telefilm 'Chakraangee' revolves around the story of a woman who is keen to maintain her social status and dignity at the expense of the love for her children and family. The teledrama is telecast every Wednesday at 9 pm on Swarnavahini.

Rohani and Sujani Menaka in a scene from 'Chakrangi'

The cast in 'Chakrangi' are Rohani Weerasinghe, Nilanthi Wijesinghe, Bandula Withanage, Damitha Abeyratne, Sujani Menaka, Susantha Chandramalim, Jayantha Bopearachchi, Nalin Pradeep Udawela and Wijeratne Warakagoda.

'Hamuge Walauwa' is a well known place in Pallebedda. Walauwe Hamu is a generous person and helps everybody. But his wife, Punchi Walauwe Kumarihamy is a proud, headstrong, power hungry woman. Management of Walauwa is in her hands.

The eldest daughter in the family Kasuni is married to the popular artist, Aravinda. Since they have no children they have constantly quarreled over this. Aravinda's call for a divorce is rebuffed by Kumarihamy his mother-in-law.

In the mean time Aravinda gets involved in an extra marital affairs which the Walauwe Hamu ignores in order to safeguard their good name. Ultimately Sandawathie gets pregnant.

Roshan, an engineer is engaged to the second daughter, Nilmini who often quarrels with her mother. She thinks the marriage to Roshan would be an escape from the situation. Ramani, the third daughter is confined to a room and comes out only in the night. Kumarihamy is responsible for her brother's madness.

Kasuni's 29th birthday is fast approaching. Aravinda plans to celebrate it in a hotel but amidst the disagreement of the family members the couple spends the night in a boat house alone. On waking up Kasuni sees some blood stains and finds Aravinda missing.

Since the efforts to find Aravinda fail Kasuni is taken into custody. While Kasuni was in remand, Nilmini her sister, marries Roshan secretly. In the meantime Sandawathie disappears. One day she visits Kasuni in prison and reveals to her that she had secretly got married.

Kasuni is determined to find the real murderer. She escapes while being brought to court. Hearing this news Sandawathie becomes scared. Living in a dark room in the Walauwa, Ramani tries to console her parents who are worried about her two sisters' fate and suddenly she disappears.

Meantime Kasuni is in the hunt for truth behind all these mysteries. What happens when Kasuni gets to know of the affair between her husband and Sandawathie and the child born to them? Does she think Aravinda is really dead? What happes to Walauwe Hamu? You will see how Kasuni finds the solution to all these problems?

Nishantha Priyadharashan is the editor and camera director is Prabath Roshan and music director is Navaratne Gamage. 'Chakraangee' is produced by Rohani Weerasinghe while Roshan Ravindra is the director.

Jurassic Park III comes to Liberty
"Jurassic Park III" the third journey to the Jurassic world is now being screened at Liberty cinema in Colombo.

The film followed Steven Spielberg's duel hits, Jurassic Park in 1993 and the Lost World in 1997 which was made based on Michael Crichton's novel. Borrowing the characters based on the characters created by Crichton, this time the director Joe Johnston joining with Steven Spielberg has made Jurassic Park III with an original story.

This time it is not only the dinosaurs but many other pre-historic creatures like Spinosaurus and Pteranodon, the flying reptiles.

One of the world's foremost paleontologists, Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill) was extremely sceptical eight years ago when he accepted an invitation from industrialist John Hammond. Hoping to gain Grant's endorsement, Hammond had offered the scientist and several colleagues a preview tour of his company InGen's a unique tourist attraction located on Isla Nublar, a remote island located near Costa Rica. Unlike anything the modern world had ever seen, Jurassic Park would allow visitors to interact with genetically engineered dinosaurs. But for everyone who accompanied Hammond on the fateful trip, the experience quickly turned into a terrifying nightmare as the cloned Velociraptors, T -rexes and other prehistoric creatures claimed the would-be amusement park as their own. Narrowly escaping death, Grant was determined to put the incident behind him. Although personally shaken, his commitment to the study of dinosaurs remained firmly intact. Eight years later, InGen's debacle as well as the political and economic climate have taken their toll in the area of dinosaur research, as public and private funding are becoming increasingly extinct.

Desperate to fund research for his new theory of Velociraptor intelligence, Grant is particularly vulnerable when wealthy adventurer Paul Kirby (William H. Macy) and his wife Amanda (Tea Leoni) approach him with a proposition.

They will open their checkbook to him if he will accompany them on an aerial tour of Isla Sorna, a second InGen site. Just adjacent to Isla Nublar, this quarantined island has become both a primordial breeding ground for John Hammond's creations and a magnet for thrill- seekers eager to encounter them. Accompanied by his protege (Alessandro Nivola), Grant suspects that something's not right

when the pilot prepares to actually land on the island. Angry and alarmed, Grant begins to protest when out of nowhere an enormous creature appears in the path of the plane, forcing it to crash into the jungle treetops.

Once again stranded on an island inhabited by genetically cloned dinosaurs, Grant finally discovers his deceptive hosts' true reason for inviting him on this journey. This excursion was never intended to simply be an aerial tour but, in fact, a search and rescue mission.

The Kirbys are actually a middle class, divorced couple reunited for the sole purpose of finding their 14-year-old son Eric (Trevor Morgan), who disappeared while vacationing with Amanda's boyfriend.

Aware of Grant's prior trip to Jurassic Park as well as his current financial hardship, the couple desperately concocted this elaborate scheme hoping to find an experienced guide to lead them to their child. But they overlooked the fact that Grant's prior visit was to Isle Nublar, Not Isla Sorna.

The film stars Sam Neil, WilliamH. macy, tea Leoni, Alessandro Nivola, Trevor Morgan and Miael Jeter.

'Suwanda Yahaluwo': Deals with human love
"Suwanda Yahaluwo" a story based on the turbulent events of 1983 in a fishing village will be telecast soon on Rupavahini.

A scene from "Suwanda Yahaluwo"

Piyasena who has lived in Kalutara has come with his family to live in a coconut estate in Wanathawilluwa in Puttalam. Mutthaiya an Indian Tamil estate labourer also lives with his family here. Both are watchers. Sumith, Piyasena's son and Shivaraj, Mutthaiya's son become thick friends.

They happily share their studies as well as their leisure. Finding a fawn whose mother had been killed they keep it as their pet. One day "Chuty", the young deer creeps in to Sumith's classroom.

The friends help Jonathan, the hunter who has been injured, to be taken to hospital.

At this time the children enter in to a friendly relationship with their school teacher.

The school has to be closed due to the 1983 riots. When Jonathan and some others set fire to Mutthaiya's house, Piyasena and his wife Somalatha help them and they take the meals to the forest where the fugitives stay.

Saddened at the turn of events Mutthaiya decides to leave for India with his family.

Are the young friends Sumith and Shivaraj destined to depart forever? What would happen to Jonathan who was instrumental in setting fire to Mutthaiya's property? The final episode of 'Suwanda Yahaluwo' ends on a happy note.

In the cast the two children playing the roles of Sumith and Shivaraj are Sanjeewa Malaka Harischandra and Sajith Ratnayake. Others among the cast are Hemasiri Liyanage, Susantha Chandramali, R. Punitha, Mohan Raj, Richard Weerakkody and Sunil Hettiarachchi.

Camera direction is by S, Jinendran and Dulip Sriyantha Perera has edited.
"Amba Yahaluwo" music director, Ananda Gamage has written the musical score.

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