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Sangeetha set to wed
By Ramesh Uvais
Some have it, some don't. But she has got it in abundance. The silver screen's darling with dimples, Sangeetha Weeraratne has that extra-ordinary ability to leap right out of the screen straight into the hearts of the people, believes that hardwork, commitment and loyalty combined with looks and talent are the key ingredients for her so-far achieved success.

Sangeetha Weeraratne: 'I am getting married on December 10'

In just 12 years in the industry, she has achieved what most would take a lifetime, endorsing her acting talents in more than 50 films including creations like Saptha Kanya, Aswesuma, Maruthaya, Dorakada Marawa, Nomiyena Minisun, Kinihiriya Mal, Dawal Migel Re Deniel and Bahubarya.

No matter how fulfilling a career may be, at the end of the day, the calling of the heart and mind far outweigh the posh perks associated with the lights, the recognition and the studio beats.

Just when she is at the top, Sangeetha has made the judicious choice between the personal and the professional.

Speaking to the TV Times, Sangeetha appeared to be like a butterfly amidst speculation that she is going to tie the knot with her real life hero.

Her smile widens at once as I probe her about her Prince Charming and marriage.

"Yes, I am getting married on December 10 and for me it's a dream come true as I feel I have found my ideal life partner", she chuckles with her dimplish smile flashing from all angles.

'No wonder, no ordinary man can be your husband and you're not the type to take any rash decisions. Do you like to reveal more about your Mr. Right?', I ask.

"Well, he is Roshantha Kariyapperuma, a Colombo businessman. I have known him for quite some time. We had casually spoken when we met at social gatherings and he used to call me once in a way. But I never knew he was interested in me until he recently made a proposal to my parents through a common friend," her smile persists as she describes her tale.

Describing more about meeting Roshantha, Sangeetha says " Of course, it was a coincidence. Recently when I was in Sweden representing 'Salelu Warama' I was invited for a reception at the Sri Lankan Ambassador's residence. Five other Lankan businessmen who were there on a business mission were also invited and among them was Roshantha. In fact, Roshantha was seated next to me, on my right and that was also a coincidence. It was not intentional as seating arrangements were handled by the Embassy. We discussed a lot of things there, but certainly not romance and marriage," she emphasises.

"We always touched upon general topics and I never felt him making indications of any special interest towards me. But I found him to be a perfect gentleman with a lot of depth. He is very attached to his family, so I trust he would be an ideal husband. As a Buddhist, I always look for a person's genuine qualities and the inside of a person rather than the outward aspects," Sangeetha explains further.

As she grows excited about her forthcoming marriage, I shift her attention to her films and family. Having worked with more than 35 well-known directors, Sangeetha has successfully portrayed heavy roles as well as the so-called light roles in several box-office hits and has bagged almost all prestigious awards including the Presidential, OCIC and Swarna Sanka.

The charming old girl of Methodist College, Colombo who made her debut with 'It's a matter of time' as a 16-year-old in 1990, is certainly no stranger to the film world. Her father Timothy Weeraratne is a well known film director who owns the popular Timothy Studios Group. When he made the film 'Sangeetha' in 1975, he little guessed that his daughter would zoom to the silver screen's top bracket with the advance of time.

"My father and mother Iranganie are certainly my towers of strength even today. I still remember the advice my father gave me when I first joined films and those valuable advice have helped me in a great way," Sangeetha elaborates adding that Malani Fonseka is her favourite actress.

'How do you feel about the large fan following you have across the country"'

"Oh, that's a wonderful feeling that cannot be described in words. I love my fans for my popularity depends on them. I love talking, smiling and signing autographs when I meet people. That has become a way of life for me and I treasure those moments," she flashes her usual dimplish smile again.

Sangeetha who is the lead girl in three films - Salelu Warama, Onna Babo and Love 2002, that are being screened now, is currently working on two films while one is awaiting release.

But the adorable girl who romanced in reel, will in less than six weeks from today, play her real life role as a bride at the Colombo Hilton amidst a distinguished star gathering.

Sangeetha has the honesty, the looks, the spark and the determination. And we need not even wish the 'Lux girl' best of luck since she has it in abundance. She smiles rolling her eyes heavenwards, when I tell her that!

Chandimal sings for charity
"Chandimal and the Second Connection", a popular outfit, will be having their fifth concert at the BMICH on November 7.

This concert will be staged in aid of Army Disabled Soldiers' Rehabilitation Project through the Army Seva Vanitha Branch.

Chandimal's the other four concerts held at the BMICH, were for the same cause and the proceedings has donated towards this project.

This time the band will be playing about 25 songs with 20 dancing items handled by Channa-Upuli dancers. Anushan and dance world, Kevin and Sundari of El Latino and Solar Heat dancing group. The guest Artistes will be Dalreen and Christopher Paul.

"This is a band show with a lot of variety involved. It is not just another musical show and even the song selection will be very different", said Chandimal.

Also Chandimal plans to release his 16th and the band's first Christmas CD on this special day.

Austasia: Sports and Leisure Club
Who would not want to break away from one's busy schedule of work and rest their tired limbs and over-worked mind which is constantly caught up in the rat-race of life? Leisure, fun and entertainment with exercise have become a necessity of man's daily routine for it is what keeps him healthy in the quest to become wealthy.

Austasia Sports and Leisure Club, one of the popular entertainment centers in Colombo, has come up with new meaning to the leisure. Relaxation is what you feel most as you enter the fascinating premises at Thalawatugoda, which is a state-of-the-art complex. Austasia is home to many leisure programmes which is needed for mind relaxation, limb loosening and fun.

Austasia has plenty to offer; in a concept that blends in sport and leisure, invites families for their dine-outs or day-outs. From an international standard swimming pool, badminton and squash courts, Austasia boasts of the only indoor cricket complex, which also accommodates indoor soccer and indoor cricket nets. A fully-fledged gymnasium with sophisticated equipment by Fitness Kingdom provides the right balance for exercise schedule.

Moreover, the various food courts offer an international spread of cuisine. ROOTS, the fresh fruit drinks booth to quench is an ideal foil for the health conscious. "Aussie Island" can stop-over your hunger with the tastiest of diets. The Pub & Restaurant by Mitsies overlooking the swimming pool area is a further choice for entertainment. A family dining with leading bands performing and a giant screen sports channels add value to a first class restaurant. The Beer Garden and the Pool Parlour adjacent to the swimming pool, brings in a clear setting for an unwinding mind.

With 'Cactus Kiddies Club' with a cactus cabin and loads of space to run around and a play area for little one is a safe haven to meet up and mix with others of hisor her age.

With a well-trained and accommodating staff at visiter beck and call, Austasia is an sweran to all customer ultimate needs.

Offering so much under one roof, the hospitality and services are unparalleled and this astonishing complex with its first wing in Thalawatugoda is the first of many, scheduled to sprout around the country.

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