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Thank you for your contributions to the 100 Words page on Gaze. The theme for December is 'Believe'. Please send in your contributions before November 24.

Madhubhashini Ratnayake,
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I gazed at the clear blue sky.
Silently watched the clouds pass by,
Can I rip it open...
Take a look in,
Search for new meaning in life?
Now I gazed at the bubbling river,
Though its echoes bellowed at me...
Like an approaching unicorn,
I wanted to dig deep...
In search of new knowledge.
When the aching eyes,
Fell back on my weary self
The electric shock reminded me,
There's a hollow within me
I'm in the present now
I'm bored.
Chandima Semasinghe

My day
Unless I gaze at you
In the still morning hours
Imbibing strength
From your scriptures
Your light
Your presence,
How can I face
The chores mounting up
In my day?
Priscilla Pereira

Museum piece
Beady eyes once vibrantly alive,
swimming with the liquidity of the chase,
made soft by slow Serengeti sunsets,
now gazed, a vacant moth-eaten gaze.
Dust veiled they seem to be looking inwards,
at fragments of life, once dear, now long gone.
Their days were filled with dancing grasses, lush prey, acacia trees.
afore forgiving the sting of a hunter's rifle,
a taxidermist's blade, a curator's indifference.
Perhaps their hopelessness is mirrored in our own eyes,
As we the curious gaze on, unperturbed.
Shivanthi Balasuriya

doubts are like raindrops.
then growing
in strength and number
growing faster and more furious and more tangible until at last there are so many you just get drenched and drowned and lashed and hurt and there seems to be no escape.

but when you look into my eyes
I think I see a shelter from the rain of doubt
seeping into my mind.

who would've ever thought
that your gaze would give me refuge from the deluge?

Coomerene Rodrigo

Blind beauty
A famous painter
Who portrayed powerful visages
In the most endearing light,
Was summoned by a wealthy man
To paint the portrait of his child.
The painter gazed
At the young girl's flawless face,
And the flowing lines of her figure.
He stood mesmerised
By the intensity of her gaze.

Dark curling eyelashes
Framed her blue-black eyes.
His mind wandered
In a convoluted maze...
Until he realised
She was totally blind.

Her optic nerve
Had been destroyed at birth.
He would remember forever
Her luminous gaze,
Sightless in the midst
Of all that opulence.

Jegatheeswari Nagendran

I gaze at her facial expressions spellbound, as they are remarkably impressive with an imprint of a magical touch.

Her eyes sparkle with the depth of a blue ocean, while her parted rose-bud lips quiver, a vain attempt to suppress a joyous smile.

She is an embodiment of a happy childhood, an echo vibrating as a lively melody.

I shaded in a silhouette, a pilgrim resting suavely, touched and awed by her naive innocence, smile care-free like a child.
Ranjan Amerasinghe

Gaze of sadness
My back burns, the sun beats down harshly, but I have nothing to protect it. My throat burns from shouting out my wares, but I have nothing to quench my thirst! I sit on the sidewalk, with my packets of mothballs clenched in my hand, and gaze in silence at the world that passes by.

My gaze lingers on the children my age, some walking in the shade of umbrellas with colourful water bottles dangling from their hands, while other pass by in cars. They're all smiling and laughing, without a care in the world.

My gaze was that of sadness, for all I could see was that which I'd never have!

Shehani Thampapillai

Gosh! It's so beautiful
By Ishani Ranasinghe
Gosh! We often exclaim, perhaps in despair on a bad hair day.

Gosh! We may sigh in admiration when we spy someone with a particularly striking hairstyle, enhanced by a lovely jewelled clip.

Well, you can say gosh! again. Gosh! the latest hair accessory shop in Colombo opened just yesterday at the Crescat Boulevard.

Why Gosh! I ask. "Well all the credit should be given to Director Emily Wai's daughter for this trendy name," says Managing Director Ms. Lai Ming Ukwatte, adding that they noticed how often Sri Lankans tend to use this word.

Built on the concept that with well-designed hair accessories, any woman can transform herself, create a new look, pep up an outfit, or even change her mood within a few minutes, Gosh! stocks a range of hair accessories from hair scrunchies to hair sticks to hair fasteners and tiaras. They also have on offer a variety of earings, bracelets, rings and bangles. The designs are eye-catching as well as trendy. Most of the items use crystals instead of the usual beads or glass and the difference is quite striking.

"Lankan women have beautiful thick hair and most keep their hair long. There's so much you can do with so much hair but at times, it can be difficult to manage as well," says Ms. Emily Wai, Director of Gosh!

Their initial research revealed that there was no specialty store devoted to hair accessories. They saw a window of opportunity for such a shop, which offers all manner of hair accessories, such as wigs, hairpieces, accessories and other related merchandise, and so Gosh! became a reality.

We all do fret a lot about our hair, and most often, we rush to the hairdresser before an important function. But this shop offers you such a variety of choice with hair accessories that can be put on very fast, to create a new look. All the hairpieces and the wigs are easy to fit onto the head and come with security hooks, hidden clips and combs. But of course, advises Ms Ukwatte, it's always best to try them on beforehand, at home before hitting the road.

Gosh! has just the stuff to suit teenagers for whom it is oh, so important to stand out in a crowd and show their individuality...

Another feature of the shop is that they stock only a few pieces of each design.

"We do this so that customers will have no fear of seeing someone else wearing the same accessory at an important function," says Lai Ming Ukwatte

Considering the materials used, the price comes as a pleasant surprise, with items even sold at Rs 5. "We wanted to make our stuff affordable even to little kids, who would not be getting that much of an allowance."

The accessories are from all over the world, but the majority of the goods are from other Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand and China.

With a friendly staff to guide customers on their products, the Gosh! team wants their shop to be a whole new experience. So the next time you want to go out and paint the town red, or change your look, check out Gosh!

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