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Sharing files
By Harendra Alwis
Sharing files over the Internet is actually nothing new. After all, that is one reason that sparked the birth of the Internet in the first place, to share information. As Internet evolved and the web opened up for multi-media elements, civilian use and commerce (that is now known as E-Commerce) things started to change. Commercial transactions were being carried out electronically. The convenience of Internet shopping has resulted in the Internet being almost invaded by traders and their buyers. And like in all the major trade routes of history, the Internet too has become a heaven for e-pirates.

I do not mean to go back to the issue of piracy, but to draw your attention to sharing on the Internet. But digital information can be copied easily either to be sold or to be given out free. This is known as 'file sharing' over the Internet. There are so many forms of file sharing, some legitimate and some not. Most of us know what befell Napster. Audio-Galaxy faced similar problems with much less publicity being focused on it. There are countless little programmes that allow us to share and transfer files from one computer to another over the Internet. The music industry is one of the hardest hit, in this area.
What are your views on sharing files over the Internet? Do you think it is fair? Write in to technopage_lk@yahoo.com and let us know.

While advertising/sponsoring is a common way to publicise and promote a product, some software advertising systems do more than just showing static banners. They make use of your Internet connection to retrieve new banner ads from a third party's server and send various information about you. This information is collected and sold to third parties. In short - the more they know about you, the higher your value will be. Because of the unobvious and secret behaviour of these systems, they are also called advertising Trojans. Most of these systems are installed with a popular host application, which may or may not work without the snoop-ware components installed. Some attach themselves to your browser and some are completely invisible. For example, popular applications that include parasites are, Go!Zilla, AudioGalaxy and BearShare.

Are you already 'infected'?

Is your browsing speed slower, ever since you installed this free 'ultimate connection optimiser'? Some strange programme always wants to connect to a remote server but your virus scanner tells you it is not a Trojan? Is your mailbox fed daily with tons of targeted spam, and do some of these friendly advertisers even call you by name? Then there is a good chance that you have been caught by some advertising parasites recently.

Get rid of spyware now!

Ad-aware is a programme that can help you track them down and get rid of these parasites.

Ad-aware multi spyware removal utility is designed to work on all Windows 9x/ME/NT40/W2000/XP platforms. It scans your system for components of known spyware parasites and lets you remove them safely. It uses a reference file which is regularly updated, to always detect the latest spyware parasites. Ad-ware can be downloaded from http://www.lsfileserv.com/ or http://www.lavasoftusa.com/.

To keep Ad-aware updated, make sure to always have the most recent version installed. (The version number and date can be seen on the status bar in the Ad-aware window).

Nowadays there are alternatives for nearly every ad-supported 'freeware'. Even if many of the spyware host applications will continue to work without the spyware installed, I recommend that you avoid using software that is supported by spyware. Since spyware has become a public nuisance, many shareware sites separate ad-ware from freeware in their lists. I think it is time to draw the line and boycott vendors who violate our privacy. Software vendors will change their mind only when it costs them their customers and their reputation. Sent by
- Sennan Constantine

Which one? Well, it depends on what you are looking for. Bang for the buck, high graphics on a budget or just want to say, 'dude I got a monster'?

We'll start off with the budget factor. The cards that come into mind are the GEFORCE3 TI series and GEFORCE4 MX series. G4 MX is cheaper. G3 TI is powerful. Let me tell you why.

Graphics core 256 bit
Memory interface 128 bit DDR
Memory bandwidth 8.0 GB/sec
Rendering pipelines 4
Fill rate (pixels/sec) 960 million
Fill rate (texels/sec.) 1920 million
Triangles/sec. 40 million
Core clock speed 240 MHz
Effective memory clock rate 500 MHz
Graphics core 256 bit
Memory interface 128 bit DDR
Memory bandwidth 6.4 GB/sec
Rendering pipelines 2
Fill rate (pixels/sec) 500 million
Fill rate (texels/sec.) 1000 million
Triangles/sec. 25 million
Core clock speed 270 MHz
Effective memory clock rate 400 MHz RAMDAC 350 MHz

Though the G4 MX GPU has a higher clock rate, its performance drops because the number of rendering pipelines, memory clock and the rendering options (texels, pixels, AA samples) are lower than the G3 TI series. The G4 MX series cards are priced from Rs. 8,000 - Rs. 12,500. The cheapest being the 64MB SDRAM MX420, then the 64MB DDRRAM MX440 and the most expensive being the 64MB DDRRAM MX460. Though there are cards that host AGP 8X there is only a slight increase in performance.

The G3has a starting price of around Rs. 12,500 for the G3, Rs.13,000 for the G3 TI 200 and Rs 16,000 for the G3 TI 500. The conclusion for the budget chip is 'go for the G3 TI 200 or the G3 TI 500 you won't be disappointed'.

Now then 'bang for the buck'. Two cards you should consider when it comes to value for money are the GEFORCE 4 TI 4200 and the GEFORCE 4 TI 4400. First let's take a look at the specs.

Graphics core 256 bit
Memory interface 128 bit DDR
Memory bandwidth 7.1 GB/sec
Rendering pipelines 4
Triangles/sec. 113 million
Core clock speed 250 MHz
Effective memory clock rate 444 MHz RAMDAC 350 MHz
Graphics core 256 bit
Memory interface 128 bit DDR
Memory bandwidth 8.8 GB/sec
Rendering pipelines 4
Triangles/sec. 125 million
Core clock speed 275 MHz
Effective memory clock rate 550 MHz

Both can boast 128MB of DDR SDRAM and an nFiniteFX 2 engine but who comes out victorious? The GEFORCE 4 TI 4400 with a higher GPU clock, higher memory clock and more rendering options gets the crown. Although the GEFORCE 4 TI 4400 is about Rs. 27,500 and GEFORCE 4 TI 4200 is around Rs. 22,000, going for the TI 4400 is more 'bang for the buck'.

Now the contest for king of the hill is between GEFORCE 4 TI 4600 and RADEON 9700 PRO.

Graphics core 256 bit
Memory interface 128 bit DDR
Rendering pipelines 4
AGP interface AGP 4X
Graphics core 256 bit
Memory interface 256 bit DDR
Rendering pipelines 8
AGP interface AGP 8X
Well the RADEON 9700 PRO is the king of the hill but at a hefty price at around Rs. 45,000. The GEFORCE 4 TI 4600 could cost about Rs. 40,000 but the RADEON 9700 PRO is the wise choice folks.
Sent in by

Robbie's need to share with the word
Robbie Williams posed naked for the launch of his new album 'Escapology'. Williams appears in a very interesting pose for the picture which is bound to have many of his female wanting larger reprints.

For those interested try his website robbiewilliams.com
Robbie's comments on the publication of the picture was - "God gave me this gift and I think it would be unfair to keep that gift from the people. God's given it to me and I need to share it with the world''.

The debut single from the album will be called 'Feel'. There seems to some questions about some of the lyrics but by and large it has been given a high rating making it a certain hit.

Meanwhile the album 'Escapology', is due for release on November 18.

Recently Kylie Mingoue's underwear has been receiving a lot of publicity. We have now learnt that two of the singer's fans acquired a framed pair of her knickers and a autographed pair auctioned at a New South Wales, Labour Party fundraiser in Australia recently. The underwear was apparently auctioned for the equivalent of £25,000. Kylie had written to the Sydney-based Sun-Herald claiming she was unaware of her underwear being at the centre of the fundraiser. She was not sure where they came from. Kylie had offered new personalised photographs of herself to the two fans.

State MP - Paul Gibson at the centre of auction denied any wrongdoing and admitted the underwear was from the Love Kylie lingerie - adding they were never actually worn by the singer.

The single 'Dilemma' by Nelly is the No:1 song in the UK this week. It's the second consecutive week the song has occupied the top slot.

'Dilemma' sold over 200,000 copies in the first week of release. The rap track has sold more than this week's new entries in the Top 20. The song has been certified gold by the BPI. It is one of the best selling singles in the world this year. It features the mellow vocals of Kelly Rowland.

'Dilemma' is the 12th rap song to reach the No:1 position on the UK charts. Though comparatively less popular than mainstream music, rap has indeed made its mark in the UK.

Partners In Kryme secured the first No:1 rap song in the UK with 'Turtle Power" in 1990. The other artistes to have notched up No:1 songs with rap tracks are Will Smith also as DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, The Simpsons, Run DMC, Puff Daddy, LL Cool J, Vanilla Ice and Eminem.

Puff Daddy's 'I'll Be Missing You' is the biggest selling rap hit. In 1997 it sold 1.36 million copies in the UK. Further, it is also one of Top 40 all time hits in the UK. The other million selling rap song is 'Walk This Way' by Run DMC. Eminem is the most successful rap star having notched up 3 No: 1 songs in the UK.

Justin Timberlake debuted in the UK chart at No: 2 with solo track 'Like I Love You'. Just as the song hit the chart in an interview published in the FHM reTimberlake admitted to smoking drugs with Nelly coincidentally the No: 1 artiste this week. Timberlake was quite happy with what he had done.

One wonders if this is part of a publicity stunt to help push sales of his song. Generally the public has been rather negative towards solo projects of members of boy band with the exception of a few. Timberlake has been with N'Sync for five years and the group's future could be another story. But being Britney Spears' former fiance is perhaps another plus factor.

The song itself is rather progressive with the high pitched tones of a Michael Jackson meet Prince - retaining interest via Timberlake.

Blue is widely regarded as the UK's biggest boy band at the moment. This week the group's fifth single 'One Love', reached the chart at No:3. 'One Love', is the debut release from Blue's forthcoming second album. Two singles by Blue have already topped the UK chart.

Electrical Storm charged into the chart at No: 5 for UZ. It's the new track featured on the Irish band's greatest hits collection covering the 1990's. The compilation is called 'UZ: The Best of 1990-2000', and will be out tomorrow, November 4. 'Electrical Storm' has been described as a conventional song with Edge taking the usual guitar slam and Bono hooting. This is UZ's 22nd song to peak within the top 10.

Sir Paul McCartney has postponed his concert scheduled for this month in Melbourne. He was due to perform before 30,000 fans.

Sir Paul decided to postpone the concert saying it was inappropriate and as a mark of respect to the families. He was due to sing 36 songs at the show on November 23.
Sir Paul is likely to re-schedule his visit to Australia next year.

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