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'Arumosam Wehi: A kids only film
"Arumosam Wehi" (Fancy Rains) a children's film by Priyantha Kolombage will be representing Sri Lanka at Jakarta International Film Festival-2002 which is to be held from October 24 to November 3.

A scene from 'Arumosam Wehi'

The director of the film said that it had a good response from the audience of the recently held 33rd Film Festival of India at New Delhi.

"Arumosam Wehi" has hired the highest number of children for its cast and is said to be solely dedicated to children after "Handaya" made by Titus Totawatte twenty three years ago.

The story in the film is woven around a circus team that came to a remote village a few decades ago depicts the changes taking place in the traditional living style of the dwellers with this new entry. 'Arumosam Wehi' focuses on the central figure "Bindu" played by Mahendra Perera, the clown of the circus who is being ill-treated by the Manager (W. Jayasiri) who is working hard to own the circus team.

The cast in Arumosam Wehi include W. Jayasiri, Mahendra Perera, Nuwangi Liyanage, Wasantha Wittachchi and introduces a number of child actors.

Art director is Athula Sulthanagoda, screen play is by Jayantha Kolombage, and Suminda Weerasinghe handles the camera.

Samantha Perera is introduced to the silver screen as a director in 'Arumosam Wehi' and Nilar M. Cassim has written the lyrics.

The Ministry of Education has already given approval to the film as a film suitable for school children. The film is produced under the sponsorship of National Film Corporation and it is to be released sometime in November.

Along with Priyantha's "Arumosam Wehi", Jayantha Chandrasiri's 'Agni Dahaya' will represent Sri Lanka at the Jakarta International Film Festival.

Films to mark Lanka, Japan diplomatic ties
By Susitha R. Fernando
Japanese Animation Film Festival 2002 to mark the 50th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Sri Lanka and Japan will be held from October 22 to 25 at the Elphinston Theatre.

"The White Snake" on 22nd at 6.30 pm will be the first in this gala event. This will be followed by "Cyborg 009" at 3.30pm and "Puss'n Boots" at 6.30 on 23rd. "Barefoot Gen" will be at 3.30 pm and "Night on the Galactic Railroad" at 6.30 on 24th and on the final day it will be "Space Fire bird" at 3.30pm and "The Prince of the Sun" at 6.30pm.

Seven films to be screened deals with a wide range of subjects- adventures and fairy tales. Also some films will portray the tragedy of the atomic bomb and love for humanity through animation characters.

One such is "Barefoot Gen" directed by Masaki Mori a cartoonist depicting the fiery inferno of Hiroshima which resulted in thousands being maimed and blinded. The film is based on a cartoon series published in a boy's weekly magazine in 1973 drawn by Nakazawa Keiji. This story reveals not only the tragedy and the fear suffered by the A-bomb victims, but also how a boy named Gen survived the desperate times without losing faith in humanity and showing no bitterness about the events he experienced.

The Festival also includes the first real Japanese feature length colour animation film 'the White Snake' directed by Taiji Yabushita as the opening work. In China's West Lake, is found the incarnation of the white snake Painyan the cinematic attempt and portrays how a young human being Kyosen falls in love with it. But Kyosen's master, Houkai will not allow love between a human and a 'super-natural being'. But as Kyosen nears his dying day due to the hard training he goes through, Painyan attempts to save his life by giving her immortality to him. Seeing this, Houkai forgives the two, and Painyan transforms into a girl.

'Puss'n Boots' is another tale of a very clever and brave cat, Pero who is driven out of the cats' world when one day he saves some mice. Pero teams up with a farmer's son, Piarre. Being the youngest of three brothers Piarre too is driven out of the house by his greedy brothers who are reluctant to share the family fortune with him after their father's death. The two start a journey together and reach a castle in a distant town the king of which is searching a husband for his daughter-princess.

At first glance Pierre becomes enamoured with the princess but he had to out wit not only many princes and knights but the Devil king too to win the hand of the princess.

And Pero decided to help Pierre through various plans to enable its friend to marry the princess.

The story of 'Space Fire bird' set in the year 2040 find s the earth has been unified and is under the rule of an elite group called the Kidors.

The population is strictly controlled and educated to fit their respective jobs. Godoh, a test tube child is raised by Olga, a metal computer controlled mother and companion, to become a space hunter.

The film tackles the questions most fundamental to human beings such as love and life. Following the screening at Elphinston these films will be screened at D. S. Senanayake Public Library Auditorium on October 5 and 6.

Admission for the film festival at both the places will be free of charge.

'The Deep End Of the Ocean' at Majestic
'The Deep End Of The Ocean' is a film woven around a child who was lost and later found and the subsequent events which will be screened at the Majestic cinema from October 25.

This movie based on the best selling book of the same name written by Jacquelyn Mitchard stars Michelle Pfeiffer, Treat Williams and Whoopi Goldberg is released by Colombia Pictures and screened here by CEL.

The family movie depicts the moving story of a mother who unexpectedly loses one of her three loving children and her struggle to come back to normal.

Beth Cappadora is like most mothers- loving, devoted and occasionally overwhelmed by the demands of caring for her family and maintaining a successful career as a photographer. With her three small children in tow, she arrives at a hotel for her 15th high school reunion weekend. In the middle of the crowded lobby, she looks away for a moment- and in that moment her three-year-old son Ben disappears. A frantic search turns up nothing; he has vanished in the blink of an eye, seemingly without a trace.

As hours turn into days, days into months, Ben's disappearance has a devastating effect on Beth's ability to cope, creating tensions between her and her husband Pat as well as her older son, Vincent. Time goes by and with Pat's help, Beth and the children go back to leading a seemingly normal life.

Then one day, some nine years later, a boy knocks on the Cappadores's door, a boy who is the same age that their missing son would be now. Something strikes Beth about the colour of his hair, the shape of his eyes .... Her mind dares to entertain the impossible thought- could it be him? With the help of a tenacious police detective Candy Bliss who over the years has become a close friend, Beth, Pat, their daughter Kerry and their troubled teenage son Vincent are reunited with Ben, who now goes by the name of Sam and has been raised by his loving, adoptive father George.

The joy that Beth and Pat experience at the miraculous reappearance of their son soon turns to concern as they realise that since he has no memory of them or his brother or sister, they are all little more than strangers.

Despite Pat's resistance, it becomes increasingly clear to Beth that, however strong their love of and need for Sam, they must face the reality of his growing unhappiness at being deprived of the home he has known most of his life. What might be best for them may not be best for Sam. In the end, Beth's selflessness, conviction and courage to act opens the way for Sam to bring a measure of hope to the family.

The Deep End of the Ocean is not a fight between good and evil. It is a moving story of people and it questions one's identity. What is a relationship to one's parents? And a parent's relationship to one's mother?

Directed by Ulu Grosbard from a screenplay by Stephan Schiff, the film is produced by Kate Guinzburg and Steve Nicolaides.

Oscar nominated composer Elmer Bernstein's score supports immensely on making a powerful effect on the film. 'The Deep End Of The Ocean' would be a treat for the seekers of family entertainment.

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