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Hello out there

My loving (Patiya) Nalin,
You are everything to me. Please try to understand me and don't hurt me. I love you so much.
Love, P. Shenaya (Sigi)

To my dearest Amma,
You filled our lives with warmth and love. No words express how precious you are to us. We wish you a happy birthday. Lots of love.
From your ever loving Sewwa, Erandi and Yashmi

To Prabodhika,
I love you more than my soul. I need your love and I am unable to forget you. Please phone me again. I was very happy when you called me the first time. I am waiting for you to be my life partner.
From the guy who comes near your class

Dearest Adhniya,
Wish you all the best on your birthday. May all your dreams come true. Don't forget us.
Lots of love,

To the girl who was on the Kandy-Colombo intercity bus,
Hi! Can you remember that we spoke on the bus on 3rd October? I could not get your phone number or address. I have an important message for you. Please contact me through this page or e-mail me at HYPERLINK mailto:coolfire004@yahoo.com

To my dream girl Sulo (Kandy),
I am dreaming of you all the time. You are on my mind day and night. I cannot do without you. Even if you ignore me or reject me, I keep coming back to you because I want to share my life with you.
From ever loving Muditha (Kandy)

To Dulanja ,
Nangi, you are so beautiful like a doll. I love your eyes. Wish you the best.
From the guy with a black cap.

To all my friends,
Hi! I miss you all a lot. Remember the good times we had. It is so nice to have such good friends. Good luck for the rest of your lives.
Love, Dinali

My ever loving Roshini,
Hi! How are you? I am fine. I wish you a happy birthday on the October 16. All the best for your December exams. May God bless you.
Love, Mujith

Dear sister Valentina and brother Charles,
Congratulations for 12.10.2002.
Loving sister Nadee and rest at home

To G3
I have loved you for the past two years. I love you more than life. I would like to meet you. Please wait for me after your commerce class. I will be there.
From CS

Darling Zara,
Two hands to touch
Two eyes to see
One heart is missing
And the other is suffering.
Love, Shan Zz

Dearest Chamila,
I have not seen you in a long time. What's up? I would like to meet you. Can you come to your uncle's place, so that I can come there? I really would like to see you. So please, please come.

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