Surely Doc, you weren't fooled by Satellite's smile
My Dear Doc,

I thought of writing to you when I heard the surprising news that you had decided to call a ceasefire with Satellite. I know that these are days when ceasefires are fashionable but even then, your announcement came as quite a shock.

After all, Doc, you and that other chap from Kotte have often been cited as Satellite's worst critics and some have even accused you of trying to sabotage the cohabitation arrangement between the greens and the blues.And now when you decide to call a truce, we all want to ask, why? Surely, you being a dental surgeon, you couldn't have been fooled by Satellite's most valuable asset- her famous smile!

Of course you had said that you and Satellite were once teammates in that Bahubootha party of yours in the good old days but Doc, you must realise that is an excuse and that few will believe that was the real reason.

Then you had said that it was "in the national interest" for the blues and the greens to get together and that fighting among the two camps would only be damaging to the country. Now, Doc, there can be no statement more patriotic than this! and it is just too good to be true.

And don't also forget that some blues are already treating you as a joke. Why, Avamangala has said that people who were abusing Satellite in the worst possible manner from public platforms are now begging her for forgiveness. Ah, by any chance, could that be a reference to you, I wonder?

Nevertheless, why we are interested in all this is because your statements must be pretty confusing to your colleagues in the House-especially those on the blue side who are preparing to turn green.

We all know that the greens put in a lot of hard work trying to woo a two dozen disgruntled blues, asking them to support the laws that are supposed to strip Satellite of her powers. And don't forget that you were in the forefront of that campaign, Doc!

And, if we are to believe your own party propagandists, you had the required numbers for a two thirds majority and the rats were all eager, ready and waiting to desert the sinking blue ship.

Then, all of a sudden, just to confuse everyone, we hear that you are willing to make peace with the Lady and as if to add insult to injury, your boss is sneaking into the Mandiraya to have reconciliation talks with her! Pardon me Doc, but if the deserting blue rats now have a change of heart, you have only yourselves to blame!

Of course I must admit that the prospect of what can happen in the future is really frightening. Why, Seeni Bola and Gas Labu might also decide to mend fences with Satellite, India might say Prabha is welcome on their soil and George Bush might even invite Saddam and Osama to the White House!

But of course Doc, Satellite has decided to snub your gentlemanly offer and has said she has nothing to say to you so does that mean we can expect more of the kind of entertainment you usually offer? We hope so.

Yours truly,
Punchi Putha
PS-Of course a more reasonable explanation to all these peace offerings is, now that Rauff's brethren are divided, the greens don't have the required numbers and are therefore singing a 'ceasefire' song with Satellite, just to avoid being embarassed.Is that more closer to reality, Doc?

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