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Sirasa changes face
By Susitha R. Fernando
"Hadawila Sakmana" and "Waramal" are two teledramas starting this week on Sirasa TV.

Semini and Sriyantha in 'Wara Mal'

The story of which revolves around three characters will be telecast every Wednesday at 8.30 pm.

Whilst the northeast war rages in the background, three people- Upatissa, Sumedha and Subhani happen to be fighting their own personal battle. Sumedha is an adopted child who falls in love with the daughter (Subhani) of his foster parents. When the parents came to know of the relationship, the couple had been forced to leave the house. Upatissa, wounded in the war, is back at home and Sumedha-who saved Upatissa's life in the war- turns to him for help. Sumedha is recalled for active duty and he leaves behind a pregnant Subhani in Upatissa's care. He is later reported missing in action. Upatissa, who initially resents the intrusion into his peaceful life, slowly begins to fall in love with Subhani and she reciprocates. Meanwhile Sumedha, who had been taken prisoner, returns. The problems that arise from Sumedha's return and how the three of them confront them are emotionally depicted in this moving tele-series.

Sasanthi Jayasekara, Danuka Bimal, Suminda Sirisena and Mahendra Perera are included in the cast.

The other new teledrama scheduled on Sirasa TV is "Wara Mal", which depicts the life of a simple school teacher who is thrust into the unknown world of politics is the other miniplay that will be telecast every Thursday at 8.30 pm.

"Waramal" stars Sriyantha Mendis, Semini Iddamalgoda, Sanjaya Leelaratne, Susila Kottage, Ratnaveli Kakulawela and Hemasiri Liyanage.

The central figure here Jayangani is a teacher who on being awarded an international Prize for the work she has carried out on the environment at school level finds her life undergoing lot of change subsequently.

The minister who comes to give away the award is Migara and in keeping with modern day politics, there is an underworld gang plotting to assassinate the Minister at the ceremony. However, the bullet intended for the Minister hits Jayanganie instead. She is hospitalised and the Minister feels concerned and responsible for what happened to Jayanganie. During the convalescence, a relationship develops between Jayanganie and Migara. Defying the family wishes, Jayanganie and Migara get married. After marriage, Jayanganie finds herself in a different situation where as the Minster's wife she is thrown into a world of politics and high society. She is also up against heavy opposition from Migara's family. Both the mother-in-law and Migara's sister start ill-treating Jayanganie because of her social background.

'Lawrence of Arabia' at Russian Centre
Academy award wining picture 'Lawrence of Arabia' will be screened at the Russian Centre in Colombo on September 28 at 5.30 p.m.

This film was released in 1962 and directed by Sam Spiegel and David Lean. Peter O'Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn and Omar Sharif star in this movie.

The nearly four hour running time opens with T.E. Lawrence's tragic death in a motorcycle crash in England in 1953 and then flashed back to 1916 in Cairo, when he was attached to the British General staff and requested to be transferred to Arabia after being given his wish.

The familiar story of Lawrence's exploits in the desert unfolds and it makes a fascinating telling. The controversial nature of T.E. Lawrence, a hero in every sense of the word; yet a rabble rouser and exhibitionist.

Also the movie 'Swan Lake' will be re-screened at the Russian Centre by popular demand on October 5 at 5.30 p.m. For further details please call Chandi on 685429/685440.

Late night movies to 'Light up Colombo'
"Mage Wam Atha" (The Pickpocket) directed by Linton Semage is the first movie lined up for screening to provide night entertainment under the project 'Light up Colombo'.

This special screening on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Regal cinema in Colombo is timed for 9.30 pm. The film released by Ceylon Theaters has tickets priced at Rs. 80/-.

Meanwhile late show of "Rush Hour", the latest movie at Majestic cinema will also be screened on Fridays and Saturdays.

Other movies lined up to be released on CEL circuit are "Sathkampa" directed by Chandraratne Mapitigama, Jayantha Chandrasiri's "Agni Dahaya", Inoka Sathyangani's "Sulang Kirilli', Lester James Peiris' "Wekande Walawwa" and Ashoka Handagama's "Thani Thatuwen Piyabanna".

"Cine-Ru-Tharu-Thorathura" a novel television programme with the participation of film and TV stars is the work of Ashoka Senarath Mudalige.

According to a script two stars will handle this programme without an announcer or coordinator.

The maiden programme was conducted by veteran actor Gamini Fonseka and actress Malani Fonseka. Prof. Sunil Ariyaratne participated as the chief guest here.

Kids share limelight 'Arumosam Wehi'
"Arumosam Wehi" (Fancy Rains) a children's film by Priyantha Kolambage is to be screened at a top Asian International Film Festival.

Nuwangi Liyanage and Mahendra

The film will represent Sri Lanka at 33rd Film Festival of India in New Delhi scheduled to be held from October 1 to 10. Earlier Lester James Peiris's 'Gamperaliya' was chosen the best film and Anoja Weerasinghe selected the Best actress for her performance in "Maldeniye Simiyon" at the same film festival.

"Arumosam Wehi" is considered to be the film with the highest number of children being hired for the cast and solely dedicated to children after "Handaya" by Titus Totawatte made 23 years ago.

Priyantha had made two films earlier "Dehana" and "Vimukthi" both screened under 'adults only' tag. The present film has a story woven around a circus team that comes to a remote village a few decades back and highlights the changes that had taken place in the traditional lives of the people who for years have been living there.

The circus puts up its tents in the playground used by the village children when it finds itself without a proper place to perform.

The film thus depicts how the traditional village undergo changes with the entry of the circus troupe into the daily life of the village. Around the circus ground the villagers begin trade stalls thus causing a change in the traditional lifestyle of being farmers.

'Arumosam Wehi' focuses on the central figure "Bindu", played by Mahendra Perera, the clown of the circus who is being ill-treated by the Manager (W. Jayasiri). The manager is working hard to own the circus team.

He secretly plans to get away from Bindu first to realise his goal before the arrival of the owner. But Bindu who has a liking for the owner opposes the manager's plot.

"Arumosam Wehi" ends on a happy note when the circus owner comes to realise who the real thief was.

Among the stellar cast including W. Jayasiri, Mahendra Perera, Nuwangi Liyanage, Wasantha Wittachchi are a host of child actors displaying their acting abilities.

Art director is Athul Sulthanagoda, screen play is by Jayantha Kolambage, and Suminda Weerasinghe handles the camera.

Samantha Perera as a first timer handles music direction while lyrics have been written by Nilar M. Cassim for 'Arumosam Wehi'. The film is produced under the sponsorship of National Film Corporation.

The film is to be released in Film Corporation circuit from November.

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